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TREASURE HUNT – Monday Meeting 11th June 07

At our June meeting Pam one of our members had organized us a Treasure Hunt – well what can I say?

This was one of the most entertaining club meetings I have ever had and going by everyone else’s reaction to the evening it was theirs too!

I don’t know how she did it but Pam had carefully prepared the route gone out and laid lots of clues and then had even organized us a lovely meal at a village pub…

We all met up at The White Horse at Hutton Cranswick our normal meeting place at 7pm (we were about ten minutes late, typical of us, always a ‘rush and a clatter’ as my friend Anita would say)! We were pleased to see such a good turn out when we arrived though, we had nine cars and eighteen people – we were parked in a small layby opposite the pub and I can tell you we caused quite a stir amongst the locals especially the kids on bikes……….

I had never done a Treasure Hunt before and neither had my Chris so we set off with Pebbles as the second car five minutes behind Paul and Sheena who elected to go first (very brave). Everyone was clutching a different coloured balloon, this was our safety net incase we got hopelessly lost or broke down, Pam informed us that we just had to pop the balloon and as if by magic a phone number would be produced that we could call for assistance.

The clues were very simple and easy to follow (how come we got so many answers wrong then)? I do think Mabel spent more time in reverse than going forward as I kept having to yell STOP as we went flying past a vital part of information.

We set off in glorious sun shine but we were soon shrouded in quite a heavy mist, which when we got to Lowthorpe Church Yard was quite eerie but very in keeping with the scene, by that time we were about four cars almost in convoy with us all cross referencing each other. For some reason we kept waving at Richard going in the opposite direction – perhaps he knew something that we didn’t?

One of the clues was set at Bracey Bridge – the times that I have driven over this bridge and never been into the picnic area, how pretty and tranquil it is………..might be worth a stop on the way home one day.

We were told to collect certain items along the way – why can you never find a Conker tree when you want one? (By the way I only wanted a leaf not the tree)! Pam had kindly been out that afternoon scattering Monkey nuts which we had to find, I bet the birds had a field day, we collected daisies, grass, thistles and all sorts of other paraphernalia, which we all treated as prized possessions.

We also had a sheet of snippet photos, places that we had to watch out for as we were passing – this was all too much for me I hadn’t even seen this sheet as I was so busy concentrating on the other clues so we had to do it from memory at the end!!

Also on the clues sheet Pam had put interesting historical facts (Click Here) about the villages that we were passing through, I didn’t have time to read these until the end either so I feel that I may have to retrace the whole route again!

We ended up at The Bay Horse in Kilham where we sorted out the winners from the hopeless……….every one did surprisingly well – even Chris and I in the end, but I was amazed to see how observant some of our members were…….

The blades of grass were something that was fiercely contested I was convinced that Steve and Lisa had it, but Paul made a late dash – goodness knows what the other pub goers made of it all………..

We had a really good meal and some wine of course (Pebbles liked this pub as she was allowed in), so she decided to leave us and sit with Norman and Jean and discuss our ‘reverse tactics’ with them…………..

As I said in the beginning all who took part had a really great time – even the kids.

So a really big thanks to Pam for all her organization and the time she spent putting this together for us. We must do it again sometime………..

Interesting Historical Facts

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