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Sewerby 2006  
Reviews of Rallies can be over-written and some times I have read items and wondered if I was ever at the same event. So I shall try and be objective as these next lines unfold. A first Rally can be seen as daunting but now I review the day I think that everything went very smoothly.

We were fortunate in having good weather and the attendance was quite good. We had a good turn out of MMs and other makes. Numbers were down from our own members due to a few MMs being sick. Days like this run past in a flash. So this is a record of my memories of this very long day.

Morning and I am up at about 8.30am and had my walk to the facilities. On my return I see my Gazebo walking across to the Rally site. Very odd as there was only Paul visible yet it was moving at quite a pace. This is rather good as there seem to be a number of men doing  the heavy stuff and I and drifting around having a chat to anyone who would listen. I move up to the main gate as I am told that Chris is “on his own.”  I find him chatting up the East Riding lady and being not very busy. A pick-up arrives with Chris`s mother and Sue. Mum is making a fuss of Chris who is celebrating a birthday!

So Chris goes with Mum and I am left with Sue. Nothing happening so the conversation turns to golf. Hey what do you know! Sue was a Benson and Hedges Girl for three years!!  So that is where she learned to dance! The c b radios worked very well though no one seemed to want to talk to me. It was all Sue this and Paul that and Norman the other and Paul………Well you get the picture.

Cars began to arrive and I greeted them but all radio communication was by Sue. I decided to move back to the main field to see Norman in his little tent with Jean M. All well there – It was a well-oiled machine running. I did not interrupt .I go and sit at the hub of the operation. The Chuck wagon. BBQ was fired up at noon and J is cooking burgers and sausage in large numbers.

Where is the band? Richard arrives no doubt hoping to win another pot with his green un, but no sign of our Hon Ed. I see that the Tombola is swinging along nicely. Sheena and Jackie seem to have that one well covered. I think that help was at hand from the family. By this time we had a very good turn out from nearly all the local branches. We parked them in Branches as we find that this creates a good atmosphere. One would not think so as we are putting friends together but the result is that there is more communication with others around if friends are together.

Kev arrives and soon the band is ready. But they do not start as they are beaten to the punch by the Punch and Judy Man who has set up by the bandstand. This sets the seal on the afternoon – The battle between the Band and the P & J Man. By Five o`clock Teamwork do conclude three sets but only just. Even when the P &J booth was blown down by the wind he had it set up again in an instant. I am told that judging of the cars was going well though, as usual, I avoided that.  The Band?  They played very well. I am beginning to know the words of some tunes and I note that Sue was requesting endless repeats of a Billy Fury number. ”Teamwork” draw a good crowd and it is great to see the tapping feet and dancing of those who stayed to watch or those who where just walking by. Yes we are lucky to have such professional entertainment in our midst.

I cannot give a clear run down of my afternoon. All I can say is I talked to many people and I was having a very happy time. One problem occurred when I found a lady selling her organisation raffle tickets. It is worrying when you think that there is a fly seller around. I stopped her, then found out that it was our friend Rosie Hamilton. Mmm… Sue told me exceptions need to be made.

I saw someone under my car and was drawn into a debate on the identity of the front brake drums. I said Riley 1.5 but he said no. I asked Kev to sort it but before he did that anarak Sandy was telling me something about Girling and Lockheed. It is all beyond a mere mortal like me. It was good to have support from Rosie and Sandy at the Rally.

So then there was the prize giving. The p a system was excellent and Sue was able to tell us several times that she had enjoyed the day. Richard won again! New member John Chapman won the Amy Johnson and all seemed very happy. I was surprised to get a little recognition myself!  So after what seemed seconds since the morning we were clearing up. First job move the BBQ to the camp site to cook the last meal. My Vivaro did the job so I offered Sue a lift across to the site. She climbed in. I started the engine and looked across to see her disappearing off the seat. She was picked up by several helpers with her dignity a little dented. She declared that, because she was not wearing her glasses, she missed grabbing onto the open door! All I know is that the door and the seat did not move!!!!

The last BBQ session would have been difficult as J had only one burger left! Paul and Graham conjured up sausages and burgers so all was well. Paul tells me that after survival courses he never travels anywhere without money and some frozen burgers. How does he keep them cold in a backpack??  It is beyond me.

There must be pictures of the event with others. I took only a few but no doubt the pics will appear elsewhere.  In summary it was A good day. Next year bigger and better? No it could not be better as the mood all around was warmth and friendship. One cannot improve on that!  Funny how a little car can unite so many. Thank you all for making my day so special.

                                                                                                Hon sec. Mog

Our 2007 event is Fri 27th, Sat 28th & Sun  29th July

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