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Sue’s Scribbles May / June 2013

Drive it Day – Cadwell Park - Up a silly o’clock, 5.30am to be exact! We have a few animals to sort out, feed, water and walk before we ever go off Minoring and at the moment we have Chris’s Dad living with us too so he also needs to be catered for before we go anywhere. Lotti and Charli couldn’t go on this excursion much to their disgust as the sight of ‘pack up’ being done always signals a day out in the Moggy! No dogs are allowed at race track venues for obvious reasons. Our little convoy left Driffield in beautiful sunshine just before 7am, flasks and sandwiches packed. Our objective was to get to Louth over the Humber Bridge on to the A180 to meet up with some members of our neighboring branch of North East Lincs at the now quite famous Barney’s Café at 8.30. We were going half an hour early to have a belly busting breakfast first. Mike, Stuart, Pete and Felicity arrived dead on the dot of 8.30, so we set out with Pete in the lead for Cadwell Park which took us about another hour. It was a lovely drive for Drive it Day although some of the pot holes on the Lincolnshire roads are a bit hairy to avoid for a Morris Minor and need some serious council therapy!

We drove into Cadwell to be met by Bruce and Roger from Lincolnshire Branch, we parked up and went for a wander down to the race track, it was only 9.30am but racing was already in full swing. Dave has a thing about petrol prices and immediately noticed that the fuel was a whopping £1.60 per liter!!! We all decided that this must be a very expensive hobby to pursue!! I must say here that all of us had no idea what to expect from the day, but as we watched our first race the excitement we all felt was evident. As the Vintage V8 cars raced round in front of us we were really getting into it and we all knew that we were in for the most fantastic entrainment! The next race was a more modern event and the cars looked and sounded very much like the modern race cars of today so we wandered back up to our parking spot to get a cuppa and see who else had arrived. By now there were another seven Moggys including Mike with his Tear Drop. After a natter with everyone and a catch up chat we went down to watch more racing. Unfortunately none of us had thought to buy a program of events so we were not really sure what was happening. What we did know was that Bruce had organized a trip round the race circuit for us all at around 1pm.

The races had been held the previous day too and apparently according to the commentator there had been several pile ups, but luckily on our visit there were just one or two breakdowns. The Marshals and recovery people were very slick in dealing with mishaps so that the races weren’t disrupted too much.

We watched, Hillmans, Minis and even some American Mustangs all take part in their various races. We stood on the Terrace and waved the winners as they went passed on their laps of honour, it did strike me that I might be becoming a ‘Petrol Head’!!! Although this term I think perhaps applies more to Banger Racing (I’m sure someone will put me straight on this)!!

Around 12.30 we went to the Marshalls Office to sign our ‘disclaimer’ forms for our turn round the track. We had also to provide details of our next of kin and contact numbers (bit scary – how difficult was this drive going to be)?? We were also supplied with our Gold Visitors wrist bands. Our turn was delayed slightly due to a car being recovered but at 1.15 we were assembled in order and waiting for the ‘lead Marshalls car’ to come and collect us. My Chris and Sue Cook had elected to go onto the Terrace and take the photos. Having my convertible with the top down was a perfect way to take some action on the track shots so Lorraine Samways from Lincolnshire Branch elected to come as my passenger with camera at the ready, her hubby Brian has a Low Light saloon so not so practical for this sort of operation. We filed onto the track, it looked so different from this angle with a steep hill sweeping away in front of us and sharp bends, the corners were deceptively tight and although our top speed reached only 60 miles an hour we seemed to be zooming round! Poor Lorraine acting as David Bailey was getting thrown about all over the place as my car being 1952 has no seat belts. The first lap we all took very tentatively but by the second we had got into our stride a bit more, unfortunately due to the time delay we could only do the two, normally they allow visitors 3 but this just wasn’t possible……What a buzz though, it was a truly amazing experience. When we piled out of our cars back at our parking spot the excitement for all of us was incredible, with everyone talking at once about what a fantastic time we had, had!! Chris and Sue came back to join us, it was a bit disappointing when they said that we looked like we were only doing about 20 miles an hour as we looked so slow!!! I now have great respect for the ‘real’ racing drivers as they must have nerves of steel to go at the speeds they do and the hair raising overtaking maneuvers!

We went back down to the track to watch some more racing, although the afternoon was more or less a repeat of the morning’s program but still equally as exciting. We said our goodbyes at about 3.30 and headed off home still in lovely sunshine. A brilliant end to an absolutely brilliant day!

MAY BANK HOLIDAY was a busy weekend for the branch with both Sunday and Monday events. As I have mentioned before our chosen charity for 2012 was the Neo Natal Unit at Hull Royal Hospital. We had arranged to present them with a cheque for £500.00 pounds, this was to take place on Sunday afternoon at 1.30pm. We left Driffield with a convoy of six cars, parking was arranged for us outside the unit but was a little limited for space as the unit is always busy with people coming and going as visiting is not really restricted too much on these particular wards. We were met by Tracey who is the head of the department and Val one of the staff on the unit. This was quite special for us all as they were so grateful for the donation, Sue with her son and Ann with a daughter have both had babies that needed this sort of unit in the past so there was much tale telling of the experiences. As far as we know our money is going to be spent on five incubator covers, these covers make a baby think that they are still nice and safe in Mum’s womb, so money very well spent!

MAY DAY MONDAY we were at Driffield Show Ground for Driffield Fun Day. This is the second year this event had been held and is in aid of the Cadets Corps. Our branch had been invited by the organizers to provide a display of Morris cars. The sun was shining as we drove the short 3 mile trip down the road to the venue. Much to her excitement we had decided to take Lotti with us, Charli had elected to stay at home and guard ’Granddad’. Charli isn’t at his best with a lot of dogs and children so knowing the event was going to be well attended by both these groups this was the best decision all round! We had been allotted a space in the main arena that would accommodate our cars and also one of our branch gazebos. While the guys messed about juggling the cars round until they were satisfied with the effect us girls set up camp and got the kettle on. By 10am the place was bouncing the traffic was queued back to get in, in all directions as far as you could see. Apparently they had 7000 people through the gate and I can well believe it, it was like a moving sea of bodies!! We really got some attention, especially Mike’s Teardrop, everyone was enthralled by it, also what was quite a coincidence was that Aide Edmonson – Aide Around Britain TV series had been filming in Bridlington Harbour a few weeks before along with his little Teardrop Kitchen! There was a massive Car Boot Sale, Craft Fair complete with a authentic 1940’s girl singing for the troops, stalls selling everything from home produce to jewelry to the ancient art of stone grinding wheat for flour, Land Army Girls and lots of nostalgia! The atmosphere was a lovely family orientated affair. The sun shone all day for once with the temperatures souring into the mid 20’s! The ice cream people must have made a real killing as you couldn’t get near them all day! Rally and branch membership forms were snapped up, in fact we have had some rally forms back already so good start so far! There was no vehicle movement allowed until 4pm but we didn’t rush away as the day was so glorious and being only a few minutes from home there seemed little point. Great weekend with great results all round!! Well done Guys!!

OUR LAST TRIP out of the month was to the Barnsley Branch Rally at the Elsecar Heritage Museum. This was a welcome return to this particular venue, it has various different ‘outlets’ selling  anything from Cup Cakes to hand made furniture to curiosity items in what I can only describe as a step back in time. There is also a large out door Car Boot Sale and an indoor Antiques Fair. In the past couple of years this Rally has been elsewhere, this was due to the cost of the Elsecar site. I can never understand why the people who run these venues see fit to charge extortionate rates, especially when holding a ‘do’ with classic cars is such a crowd puller, surely they make more money with these sort of events when there is something of such extra interest to look at! Because it is in the middle of the country and easily accessible there are always plenty of other Branches who go along, so it was good to catch up with a lot of friends that we haven’t seen since last year. We had 7 Branch cars there, unfortunately Tom and Jill had car trouble at the last minute and couldn’t make it. The weather after the previously beautiful weekend decided not to play ball however, it was quite cold and then turned very wet. I hadn’t taken Lotti’s waterproof so inevitable she got a little soggy which doesn’t go down too well with her and as dogs aren’t welcome in any of the indoor emporiums she elected to spend most of the day in the car snoozing while we wandered round. It did perk up a bit for the prize giving luckily so at least we weren’t stood out in the rain then…..being Area 1 Liaison I was asked to hand the prizes out to the lucky winners. We set off for home at around 4pm – in dry weather. Although as always a good day out with friends at a great venue.

Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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