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Sue’s Scribbles  March 2014

Hi Guys,

On early doors TV this morning – Daybreak to be precise (sorry but I just can't start the day without a dose of Aled and Lorraine)! They were asking the question of what to give up for Lent as today is Ash Wednesday. There were various suggestions from people in the street ranging from giving up alcohol – the obvious one, not eating meat and other certain foods etc to giving up FaceBook, now I must admit not being a FaceBook devotee I can't really see the 'penance' in that one myself but as certain of my friends point out it's a good way to see whats 'going on' and find out the latest gossip at the earliest opportunity, in some cases it's so compulsive that they can't even go a few hours without dipping in to see what everyone else is doing...

Are they like the old fashioned 'nosy neighbour' I wonder or do they have little else to do with their time? Yes I appreciate that it could be classed as keeping your finger on the pulse so to speak and sharing all the intimate details of your life with the world, yes I know that some of it is on an invitation only basis but it doesn't stop the recipient passing it on to others and it all really strikes me as a bit bizarre and in some cases even down right dangerous!

I suppose I do class myself as a bit of a technophobe with all the modern ways of communication and often have 'user problems' with my own modern devices, smart phone, tablet etc, let alone trying to Tweet or use FB! It's not even an age thing as I know lots of people older than me who have no problem with it at all. Willing friends have given me lessons in usage but somehow it seems to just go right over my head, they then tend to give me a pitying smile and say never mind next time just get a normal phone you're wasting your money on smart ones!!!

I used to be quite proficient in the use of the good old fashioned phone box too when the need arose, not now, having had an occasion a few weeks ago with a flat battery in the said smart phone to use one of the good old phone boxes another mine field came rushing at me, no coins accepted, BT cards only, now what? I gave up as the only number I could ring was 999 and I didn't think that they would be too pleased to pass on the message that I was running late!!

So no 'blonde jokes' please I am just resigned to the fact that I am never going to get to grips with any of it!

Having got that off my chest I now feel oh, so much better!!

Hope to see you all at this months meeting, the usual venue The White Horse, Hutton Cranswick on Monday  10 th 7.30 ish

Take care

Sue, Lotti & Charli x

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