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Sueís Scribbles March 2013

Our monthly meeting was reasonably well attended for such a cold night with most present enjoying a pre meeting meal before the business of the evening began, lots of arrangements for the year ahead being discussed. We have many events in the pipeline for the coming year, with the first main one being a day out to Cadwell Park Louth in Lincolnshire on 21st April, Drive it Day, this is a Vintage Motor Race meeting, interestingly the track is nicknamed the ĎMini-Nurburgringí which I am sure for all you race enthusiasts means something special. One of our members Roger raced there several years ago in the original Morgan and he still owns the very same car today! The event for us is being hosted by the Lincolnshire MMOC with some of our friends from North Lincs joining in with us. It promises to be something different, well certainly for me who has never been to a car race track in her life!

I have now emailed out the Forms for Barnsley Branch Rally 12th May. They are back at Elsecar Heritage Centre again, for those who have never been itís an interesting venue with plenty to look at with antique stalls, a car boot and much, much more. Take your pennies though as there is always something to buy that you suddenly canít live without!!

I havenít even seen my Moggy since putting her to Ďbedí in October, so we are just waiting for a nice sunny day to give her a pre season overhaul. Still havenít got a new hood though so defiantly hoping for some dry weather! Chris has had the welding on his beloved Pick-Up Doris done over the winter so now itís just a case of getting it all put back together, although I must admit he is going to be given some (probably quite a lot) of help from Dave our branch Technical Tips advisor. Once she is back on the road it will be a big decision on which Moggy to take Ė or perhaps both but then to take both fuel might just be a stumbling block! Way back when we got Mabel our first Ďborní it only took about £20 to fill up the tank from empty now itís in the region of £45!! Which is just plain crazy, I think we can all see why people arenít doing the miles that they used to.

A quick one about the dreaded pot holes. Some statistics. Apparently there are more than ever with some roads becoming almost impossible to negotiate because there are so many you are bound to get caught by one. A staggering two million in England and Wales in 2012, 29% more than in 2011 (who on earth counted them I wonder)? If they escalate much more we will all probably just fall into one big crater!!

Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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