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Sue’s Scribbles February 2013

The last time I wrote a Scribbles was December 2011, which seems an age ago! Although I know that a few people out there have actually missed my ramblings since hanging up my ‘mouse’ I’m equally as sure there were a few who thought thank goodness for the silence!!!

Our Branch AGM is always scheduled for the 2nd Monday in January but the best laid plans of mice and men often don’t work out as planned and around 3.30 that afternoon as I was sat in my cosy barn of an office the phone rang it was Paul to say he was working on a roof just a couple of miles down the road at the village of Kirkburn where they had at least 6 inches of snow – no way……I looked out of the window and there wasn’t a flake here. We need to get hold of everyone and cancel tonight’s AGM said Paul, I must admit I was a bit dubious at first but after a brief discussion we agreed I would contact everyone I could. Good job as an hour later we had the same depth outside!!! This happened a couple of years ago too so perhaps January isn’t such a good month for an AGM after all.

We rescheduled the afore mentioned for the following meeting this month, luckily this was two nights ago, as I sit writing this snow is falling steadily once again……

It was a well attended AGM and the discussions were quite lively, but we got the main business of the night over and done with pretty quickly, so there we go for another year.

We have lots of ideas in the pipeline for the coming year with events local and not so local. The thing we need now is the weather to enjoy it all!!!

Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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