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Susan’s Scribbles - August 2017

I think the dust has settled now after a very busy weekend with our annual rally. It was all hands to the pumps a week ago getting ready for the onslaught of campers that enjoy coming every year.
I was asked by the BBC to do a radio interview for the Listening Project, this involves two friends sitting round a table just talking to each other about their passion, of course in my case I was asked to talk about the Morris Mi-nor. I invited Tim W to join me in this escapade as Tim is also passionate about them too, and with quite an inter-esting history involved. When he was Mayor of Driffield he always used his then Moggy Wilhelmina 1 in his civic duties rather than the bigger Mayoral car that was, and still is the norm. As Tim is very fluent with his love of the Minor, between us an ideal partnership was born!! It was an interesting experience that took place in a recording ‘pod’ on Bridlington’s North Side Promenade on a very blustery overcast afternoon. It was a two hour thing; the first hour we were just interviewed on a casual basis by our producer Sara, who then gave us a flavour of what she wanted which really was a bit like repeating the whole thing again. Once wired for sound and our mikes in place, sound checks done we were off and running! We managed to talk for 54 minutes absolutely none stop!! It was a great experience that we both enjoyed, we were given a copy of our recording to listen back, and I must admit it isn’t half bad apart from the fact that when you listen to a recording of your own voice it’s a bit……you know what I mean….
We don’t know when it will be given air time, its on Radio 4 and a copy is also going into the BBC archives for ref-erence in the future.
Sue & Lotti xx


Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2017 - The venue of our branch Tombola in aid of Marie Curie has been changed!

Hornsea Freeport has kindly given us a space for our usual gazebo housing the Tombola stand and will be located in the centre of the shopping complex, somewhere near the band stand.

Unfortunately, there is very limited space for Morris Minors, but everyone is welcome to come in their modern cars as there is plenty of parking available so come and join us raise as much money as we can for Marie Curie, remember all monies raised will go to our local Marie Curie office in York. Obviously, this is a shopping complex so bring your wallet / purse!


Welcome to 2017

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