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Sue’s Scribbles  April 2014

Hi Guys,

What happened to March I think I must have missed it, if you find it can you please return it to me? April seems to be doing the same!! I know everyone says the older you get the quicker time flys but sometimes I seem to skip weeks at a time!!

I have at last ordered a new hood for my Moggy, Chris and I were going to try and fit the hood ourselves but decided after talking to others who had tackled this apparently very intricate and frustrating job that we would probably end up in the divorce courts! As yet work hasn't started as the hood has had to be ordered and apparently it is quite a rarity to make, I'm just hoping that it is all done and finished for our first outing on Drive it Day on the 27th but I very much doubt it, so hopefully it will be a fine dry day, otherwise.........Soggy Moggy!!!

It all seems to be car related this month as Chris is determined to get his beloved Pick-Up Doris back on the road this year. Plans are in place for work comencing at Easter. Living near the coast Easter is an awful time to be out on the roads so we tend to hibernate at home – so what better time to start. Parts and paint have been ordered and delivered, Chris has managed to do a little prep in the workshop so all we need now is a bit of decent weather!

Norfolk Trip March 2014

After all that seems to be happening lately on the Akrill 'home front' a weekend away seem just what we needed.

Sue and Dave had decided at the end of last years rally season to upgrade their Gobur caravan and ordered a new and bigger version. As these particular caravans are hand built to personal specification, there is a few months lapse between order and pick up. So when they knew it was going to be ready they invited Chris, Lotti, Charli and I to go along for the weekend as well.

Gobur are based in Norfolk and it was decided to 'road test' the 'rig' before getting it all the way home in case there were any glitches, and of-course outside the family moral support is always a good idea on these occasions. As any caravanner knows it can often divert one from the divorce courts when the erection of a new awning is involved!!

The original plan was for us to meet on Friday just after the pick up of the new acquisition, but because of circumstances Gobur required them to pick it up on Thursday, a day early – what to do now? Chris decided that if we worked up we could perhaps scive off and surprise them. After a quick phone call to Vic at The Green Man in Little Snoring (what a wonderful name) camp site where we were staying we were booked from Thursday too and all was of the utmost secrecy.

We seemed to set of in plenty of time but as always in this household things never go quite according to plan......we tipped up at the Green Man just after 2.30pm to find that Sue and Dave had arrived about 20 minutes earlier – the look on their faces when we pulled in – priceless!!

After introducing ourselves to Vic and booking in we quickly got organised with our caravan ready for the 'onslaught of the awning'.

After unwrapping the whole contraption and deciding what poles went where, the serious business of construction began – this was being done under the watchful eyes of Lotti and Charli who had decided to sit a safe distance away. Surprisingly this all seemed to go quite smoothly with just a couple of queries, these it was decided could easily be sorted out with a quick trip to Gobur just down the road the following day for more clarification. Photos were then duly taken of the said parts in question but for the time being awning was up and all secure.

Now it was time for a welcome beer for Dave and a glass of nicely chilled Sauvignon Blanc for the rest of us. Lotti and Charli fed, watered and walked it was a quick wash and brush up and into the pub for some food.

The Green Man has just been taken over by Vic and Shirley in the last couple of years and they are really putting their stamp on the place. Vic is an excellent chef and Shirley does 'front of house'. They allow dogs into the pub too which is a bonus, but as they have two lovely little Westies of their own we decided to leave our two in the van as Charli is not the most sociable little soul! Although not technically a speciality fish restaurant amongst their other dishes they do serve the most amazing freshly caught, fish, crab and lobster. Chris, Sue and Dave enjoyed the fish and chips accompanied by all local produce while I had a seafood platter of a full dressed crab, huge prawns and creamy white fish. After booking ourselves in for the 'Full English' at 9 the following morning we said our good nights. It was our original intention to go back to our van and play some domino’s but after all the events of the day 10.30 saw us all tucked up in bed!

As breakfast was served is was all too apparent that this was not going to be a weekend for weight watching. Vic's home made sausages, were accompanied by local bacon and eggs along with fresh mushrooms, beans and baby vine tomatoes, hot fresh baguettes, toast and preserves!!!

Chris and I have only been to Norfolk on a fleeting visit once and that was a few years ago to pick up his Ferguson TE20 Tractor, Sue and Dave on the other hand know the area a little better so it was decided after our trip to Gobur we would head off to Cromer.

In the New Year storms Cromer sea front had suffered quite badly and a lot of the old Victorian Promenade and Pier had been very badly damaged. It must have been frightening indeed to watch the waves crashing up and over these substantial sea walls. Most of the Promenade was closed off to the public as work on the restoration is now in full swing. Although half of the Pier had obviously disappeared under the waves it was open whilst work was in progress so we could walk down one side of it and see what was happening. The weather was warm and sunny so perfect for being by the seaside.

I have never seen so many fish and chip shops! They are next door to each other and opposite each other and all busy for a Friday in March, everywhere we looked folks were enjoying a tasty looking one of each.......and yes you've guessed, even after an amazing breakfast that should have easily lasted us all day – we just had to have some!! Yup they were delicious!!! Lotti and Charli ofcourse approved of this type of lunch greatly and enjoyed the spoils!

Thoroughly 'stuffed' now it was back to the car for a drive along the coast road, where passing through one of the many pretty villages we spotted a quaint old Tea Rooms, a cuppa, just what the doctor ordered, what a strange little place we entered into, not only did it serve a variety of home made goodies but also doubled up as an antique,book and bric-a-brac emporium that sold strange local wood carvings to boot!

We wound our way back to the camp site for a chill and a welcome glass of wine (well we were on a mini break)! also to sort out Lotti and Charli who after all the days exercise were ready for their own supper of meat and biscuits.

There was a rather nice piano in the dining room of the pub so that evening Chris treated us to his expertise of tinkling the ivories, Chop Sticks to be precise! It was a talent even I didn't know he possessed!!

The following morning after another huge 'Victor' breakfast we set off to explore part of the Norfolk

Broads at Wroxham as this was the nearest canal waterway to our base. This was after a quick pit stop at an Argos store to obtain a new flexi lead for Charli as Chris had left his on the back step of the Navara in Cromer when we drove off!

Wroxham is a bustling place, not only because of all the boats but the wildlife and water birds are a great attraction too. The shopping centre is also quite large with nearly every other shop being owned by Roy's, these shops range from Roy's Department store which was a bit like the Selfridge’s of Wroxham to Roy' Toys, Roy's Restaurant, Roy's Garage, you name it Roy's seemed to have a separate shop for it!

Sunday was a beautiful day for walk along the beach at Wells on Sea, the tide goes a long way out on this bit of the coast and with its sand dunes on one side and the multi coloured beach huts set in the tree line it was a mix of 'old Victorian' to Lawrence of Arabia! Determined to see as much of this particular coast line as possible, our next stop was Hunstanton.

Hunstanton had also suffered badly with the earlier storms and lots of the cliff face had been undermined and fallen on to the beaches, in some places there were precariously balancing rocks, even with these areas being cordoned off and warning notices everywhere there were still people with children and dogs messing about underneath! We stayed at a safe distance and just took some photos!

As we were leaving the next day we decided to make our way back to camp mid afternoon to take down the awning before dusk and whilst the weather was dry. All went well, everything was just as easy to take down and fold away as it was to put up, amazing, but it is an Isabella and I suppose you get what you pay for.

After another superb supper, and belly busting breakfast we said our goodbyes to Vic and Shirley. They have a plaque in the bar that says 'Enter as Strangers and Leave as Friends' and we certainly did!! A great weekend with fab food, fab weather and fab company!!

We would all defiantly go back and if any of you are ever in that area and want the details just give one of us a call.


Take care

Sue, Lotti & Charli x

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