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Sue’s Scribbles April 2013

What a lovely Easter Weekend it was weather wise, unfortunately we had nothing planned to do with Morris Minoring but I’m sure anyone that did have a drive out certainly in our area will have had a good tootle round in the fabulous sunshine.

Our first trip out in the ‘Green Bean’ will be Drive it Day on 21st of this month to the Vintage Car Racing in Louth, so very much looking forward to that, up to now we have four cars going from our branch.

Our issue of Caravan Magazine dropped through the door this weekend as well, looking through it we were talking about how nice it would be to be able to get away in our caravan more than we do, and then ofcourse we remembered that the summer season for Minoring is almost upon us and we do have quite a few weekends away in our home on wheels! Having started out with a Trailer Tent – and though ideal for being pulled by a Morris Minor I think now we are very much spoilt by having a caravan even though it means me travelling behind in my car usually with Charli on the back seat in his cage, Lotti always travels with Dad! The caravan is also much better for Lotti and Charli as its a far more secure place if they have to be left ‘indoors’. Anyway  unless we can retire I think this is the only touring caravanning that we will be doing for the next few years. Mind you it also comes in very handy when we are at home doubling up as a spare bedroom, when we have a house full of friends staying for Christmas, New Year etc, Chris, Lotti, Charli and I slip into the night down to our barn and sleep in it then – all very romantic especially when it’s cold weather!!!

Hope to see you all at the meeting.

Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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