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Burton Fleming August 2009

The Scarecrow Festival at Burton Fleming on Bank Holiday Monday was a blazing hot day! We had a good display of cars although not as many as last year, this was due to a couple of cars having mechanical problems and in one case a per-booked family event. We brought along our own ‘mechanic’ to put under the bonnet of the Pick-Up and his buddy who was checking out our chassis. The amount of passers by who spoke to Morris the ‘mechanic’ before they realised he was stuffed and apologised to his mate for walking over his legs!!!!

 I do think sometimes weather forecasters should be banned. Anyone coming from outside a 20 mile radius would have expected thunderess downpours and hurricane winds which just didn’t happen. The only disappointment I had on the day (well I suppose you could say I had two) was last year I bought a dozen Quail Eggs and hatched 6 in our incubator – these little birds don’t live very long, but have provide us with lots of lovely eggs but now we only have one left and we were hoping to buy more eggs for hatching but he didn’t have any….Then I entered Lotti (after much cajoling) into the ‘cutest’ dog section of the local dog show, personally I though she was being very cute as she swung on her lead and on the tail of the dog in front and even the judges finger, but it was not to be as most of the others taking part seemed to think they were at Crufts….. so – not even a third prize. I hope it’s not going to ruin her development!!!! Pebbles didn’t want to know as she thought it was all a bit tasteless so it was pointless spending 50p to enter her into any class!!! No fun in some paws!!

Anita one of the organisers asked Chris and I as visitors if we would judge the Scarecrows for them, we didn’t realise just how large the village is until you are required to walk down every street and dead end judging hidden scarecrows! The girls were exhausted, especially poor little Lotti who ended up sitting down and refusing to go any further until she was picked up by her ‘dad’ and carried.

Just like last year there was a lot going on. I personally think that supporting the local events in our area is the life blood for any small village. The tradition and history is something that is to be cherished and not lost.  We have already been invited back again next year, so this is a definite date in the diary….

We were still all sat on the pavement behind our cars chatting after the stall holders had all gone home. We eventually made a move around 6ish, this was still in baking ‘blue sky’ sunshine. A lovely relaxing day with good company.


Burton Fleming August 2009

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