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Chris and I did The Roses Run for the very first time this year, the run alternates every year between the two towns of Morecombe and Scarborough. Norman and Jean went on the first ever run and have done it both ways and always said how they had enjoyed it but preferred the Scarborough to Morecombe route. Anyway we thought that this year we would give it a whirl as well.

We picked it this year in particular as it was Morecombe to Scarborough so that we could easily get home for work on Monday morning. We met up the Friday night before the off at Chris and Keith Haigh’s in Tankersly along with some other friends from ‘down south’ Alan and Julie Sills. After a hearty breakfast (Christine is famous for these) we set off for the drive across to Morecambe and after a coffee/comfort break we reached our hotel The Elms at around 2.30. The car park was literally awash with Moggies with more arriving all the time it was like an invasion.

This particular hotel has been used for the base at the Morecombe side of The Roses Run for the past eight years, so it was very sad for us to be told it was closing the following week and being demolished to make way for a block of flats!! We went for a quick bite to eat at a nearby pub as our evening meal wasn’t until 8pm and then a walk along the ‘front’, I use the word ‘front’ very loosely as Morecambe is not your usual seaside town……….

We all assembled in the bar before our supper and there was a lot of good humoured banter as we caught up with people that we hadn’t seen for a while, Our table in the dining room was one of the largest and probably by far the liveliest! After a really good meal we were shown into a room of our own for quizzes, raffles and the dishing out of the official Roses Run T shirts, these were sponsored this year by the local Guide Dogs for the Blind and were very smart in black and orange. Our table won the quiz and the 2ltr bottle of wine which Christine is keeping for safety until we are all together again!!!!

It was an early start on the Sunday morning and the weather was glorious, we had decided that our three cars would stay in convoy, so clutching map directions and two way radios we set off following Chris and Keith on the first leg of the journey across country. We kept meeting up with other Minors or Minors going in the opposite direction as they or us had taken a wrong turning – it was all quite bizarre really!!!!!

We stopped for lunch and then Chris and I took the lead on the second leg, after a coffee stop mid afternoon it was back over to Chris and Keith as Alan and Julie decided they were quite happy following up the rear. By this time we were getting a little late as the Mayor of Scarborough was meeting us all on Scarborough’s Marine Drive, North side. The Mayor had waited to see us all in so we needn’t have worried we still all got a hand shake! We then made our way to The Grand Hotel where Chris and I said our goodbyes to everyone as we had decided not to stay the night but come back home. It was a bit sad really and we wished in the end we had been staying with everyone, we did enquire about a room but as it turned out the hotel was fully booked.

We had done around 220miles up hill and down dale in the Pick-up not the comfiest to do so many miles in but although we were really tired it had been a really great weekend…….

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