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Ian’s ‘Spring Back’ or is it ‘Fall Forward’ Run. Sun 25th March

The day started with the alarm clock going off in the middle of the night, well that’s how it felt. I got up to very grey damp morning and wondered why I had bothered washing my car on Saturday night if it was just going to get covered in spray again. Grab a quick bowl of cereal and a coffee and set off to pick up Kev who had volunteered to be my navigator.  I discovered that I needed to stop for petrol, and arrived at Kev’s house only slightly late.  By the time we got to Barton we were only 10 minutes late, but we were still the last there (or so we thought). There was a good turnout of cars, 7 Morris’ plus Maurice in his Morgan, with a grand total of 17 occupants.

Strange, but the organiser was missing, we just put it down to the fact that he had gone to the other car park to re-direct people to the correct car park, so we waited and waited and …. No Ian and Ann so the 7 Morris 1000s set off on the route while Maurice and Jean went to look in the other car park to see if they were there. Ian was spotted just going for petrol, Jean waved to them and they waved back, Maurice gave chase to the convoy of cars expecting Ian to do the same.

The route was all on very quite roads, through little villages, with some stunning views (except for the mist) ideal for a Sunday morning run, later the sun came out and shone on the daffodils and it was a lovely spring morning. I think we saw more cyclists than cars.

The convoy got split into two at the A18, Maurice was a little worried when he caught up with the front section to find his backup car was not in it, but all was well, no-one had broken down and we only took one wrong turn I am told. As I was driving there was no way I could navigate as well so just left it to the others to sort out where we were going.


We arrived at the Red Lion at Redbourne and enjoyed a very nice Sunday lunch. There were some reservations about us eating there but all was well. If there were any complaints then I did not hear them. Just as we were finishing our meal who should arrive but Ian and Ann. They had not realised it was the start of BST, so were running an hour late. We left them tucking into a late lunch, and drove back to the Humber Bridge and home.

It was a really well thought out route, enjoyed by all with the possible exception of the organiser. It was suggested that next year we should do a ‘Clock Change Run’, then no one will forget.

by Richard Hall

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