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This was a totally different venue from what our Branch had tried before, would it be a success? Would the sun shine for once………………

The weather forecast was dreadful again, and it was raining when the small precession set off from our house. Sue and Dave from the Northeast and Brian (Yellow Peril) had all arrived on Saturday to set off bright and early Sunday morning. We certainly managed to set of early – bright might be the wrong word as we managed to have an impromptu party the night before with Paul, Sheena, Tim and Pam calling round for a ‘quick drink’ with the rest of us, this wound up finishing about 12.30am!!

Pebbles and I decided it was time our Spitfire had an outing so I was driving her, Brian who hadn’t got the Yellow Peril on the road took Mabel our van, Mike our friend and his little dog drove Doris and Chris took Fergie (a 1954 Ferguson Tractor) on the back of a trailer.

It threw it down nearly all the way – then wonder of wonders the sun started to shine and by the time we reached Hornsea it was nice and dry. We camped up in the coach park and got the gazebos up (just in case)! Some of the party went off for a rib sticking all day breakfast while the rest of us parked the cars that were arriving in the lovely unexpected sunshine.  We had a great attendance from East Yorkshire, North Lincs, North East, Derby and Barnsley. Plus a fab old Daimler, running boards, suicide doors the lot – everything that Norman and I love! This was brought by Pam and Tim and was a real eye catcher. We also had some visitors that brought along a lovely little Austin Metropolitan which was really very different. The kids were all wanting to sit on the Fergie – which ofcourse was great as she attracted quite a few donations towards our Marie Curie fund raising.

After a few ‘grumbles’ from the men about melting credit cards, I don’t think that there was anyone who didn’t buy something even if it was only the Easter Eggs that Thorntons were selling off for £2 each – these were a real steal.

The day was warm and sunny, it was well attended and we collected a nice amount towards our fundraising for Marie Curie.

The Management and Staff  were all very accommodating and made us feel very welcome. So yes I think that the day was a great success………….

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