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Our Host Day at The Hull Museum Quarter has always brought a lot of people together and this year was no exception. The attendance by Morris Minors from all over England was again a feature of the day. This is why our Branch decided to move our Host Day from October to April – and I am sure that we are all glad that we did. The gardens at the Museum Quarter were in full bloom. How pretty they were with the blossom and tulips in full glory it was a really ‘uplifting’, even if you had no interest in the cars whatsoever it would  make anyone feel happy………



 It is always good at the beginning of the year to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen for the winter months, talk about the events to come and plan social events and outings.

(I am a sucker for ASDA, so I tend to plan my trips round this store, we do live very much in the sticks) More about his later………..


Chris and I (without Pebbles, as this is a dog free zone, not a happy dog) having one or two problems with the Minors. In the last couple of weeks or so sadly as this started a couple of years ago  didn’t make ‘Drive It Day’ at York Mabel our van failed her MOT (miserably), Doris the Pick-Up has had an on going breaking down/petrol leak problem. I have to hold my hands up, I have no idea really but I try to listen………..

I am a mere woman and I can now here a lot of women screaming ‘so are we, but we know more about Morris Minors than you do’ girls, I am sorry……………..


Anyway I digress…..


 We reached our destination with no problems, I must admit I was impressed by the number of cars when we rolled in at 11am. The Museum does open at 11am but about four years ago attending an event one Sunday were reprimanded by the Emergency Services for blocking the street so we tried to arrive only on the dot…………


As usual the girls (and boys this year) had all come good. Our refreshments table in the hospitality room groaned under the weight of home made cakes, quiche.... and scones.

This is a really good thing with our Branch we sport some fab cooks!!!!!!

Nearly all ‘the goodies’ had gone by 2pm…………


Ofcourse the ‘pub lunch’ is always a good idea. So The Sailmakers Arms saw a few more customers than normal. It is always nice on a sunny afternoon to have a chilled glass of white wine.


Back to the very popular Raffle and Prize giving………..


We don’t have any judging on a Host Day but we do give away a prize……….

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