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Halloween Party 2008

It was that time of year again when the little cottage at Kilham saw another meeting of beings that are not entirely from this time and some even not from this world as we know it………

Those who were invited to be present made up an illustrious guest list of the highest families in each of the clans……

Attending were The Fae Court, the Mage Guild, the Were Clan, the Vampire House and lastly the Mortal Watchers. 

All was overseen by The Inquisitor a strong being who had been chosen to take charge of the unfolding events………

This meeting was for the purpose of putting past differences aside and believe me there were many, some stretching back thousands of years.

Most who attended this glittering supper came in good faith happy to see the past and its problems put to rest – but unfortunately there were those who didn’t want change and only for the mayhem to continue. They only had murder in mind………..

Most mingled amiably enjoying the strong potions that were flowing, but there were those who only wanted to see blood let and were plotting just this……….

Supper was a sumptuous feast made from a blend of the finest wild meats, vegetables and potent herbs. All ate their fill before the planned entertainment…….and then the mysterious deaths began………

Panic followed. Some bartered money for their safety, some for secrets and some for spells to keep them safe from the most terrible of deaths……….nothing helped…….

The Inquisitor did his best to calm the gathering and gain information from all present as to who was responsible for these grisly deeds, but to no avail, there was too much suspicion of each other that was firmly rooted in the past……..

Some decided to try and ignore the mayhem around them and enjoyed the entertainment and dancing just hoping that they would not be next, some took refuge in an annex room and partook of the drug nicotine to keep their sanity……..

Eventually the Clan leaders got together and decided that after these thousand years past they had to help the Inquisitor all they could to calm the fears of their clan members and guarantee their safety.

As they shared all the information they held the deadly plot unfolded – it became apparent that the being responsible was not of the Clans but another being……..A Mortal Watcher!!

It was a being who for his own pleasure watched and studied the Immortals – a being who thought that he could gain fame and glory from these heinous deeds – the flamboyant but totally MAD Professor Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The relief of all was obvious – would it bring peace and harmony among these Clans? Only the next thousand years will tell…………………………….


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