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The night of 3rd of November this year after darkness had fallen saw a strange collection of ‘ghouls and ghosties’ carrying offerings of food and strong potions into a cottage in the little village of Kilham it only took one knock on the front door for it to swing open as if by magic……..upon entering into this place they looked around to see who else had entered before them………a blinding flash of light and they knew that someone had immortalized them forever………their images captured for all time would be there for everyone to see – they all new that there would be finger pointing and ridicule ……..this was the night they had decided to come out of the safety of their own dwelling places to come together to celebrate All Hallows Eve……… was at this chosen place they knew they were secure in the knowledge that they were surrounded by friends and familiars………

As they moved further in they were met by tempting aromas from within the lair. It was here their Witch Hostess was stirring various cauldrons on her cooking fire…… Grim Reaper was handing out heady elixir to every ones grasping claws……….this elixir  proved very popular and great amounts had been consumed by the time the cauldrons were placed on the long wooden table...

Once all had eaten their fill, the remains of the banquet and the table were removed to make way for some strange ritual dancing to the strains of music from a long ago forgotten time……….while this was happening others lurked in corners muttering to each other and making use of tobacco………..

A female Devil had the thought that this get together needed to be brought under her spell for a while and having a great sense of fun like most Devils do, she wove some of her allure with a coloured ‘ball’ filled with air, her chosen one was also of Demonic origin, all that were assembled there watched in fascination as he firmly grasped a ceiling beam while the Devil started her dance……………

It was decided that before the cock crowed the assembled throng would all drink a more sobering brew and discuss stories of ancient ones and times that were long gone, some also conjured up images of the past that were kept in secret places…………Slowly the night drew to a close with the participants of the gathering disappearing into the darkness to return to the safety of their own dwellings before day break…………..

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