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40th Annual East Coast Run 8th June 2008.

The day started as predicted by the weather man [unusual], very sunny and a lovely start to the day which lasted throughout the event. This years annual east coast run from east park to

Bridlington was the 40th since it started in 1969 the organisers  EYTCC decided to make this year a bit more special by making it a dress up in 60ís style clothing ,which was voluntary, but lots of people took up the challenge.

                              Jean and I have done this run the last 6 years since weíve had Chester and arrived in good time at the start were we met Paul in his buggy and Sheena in her Moggie, also Graham and Jacky in there Moggie. By 11am the start time Iíve never seen such a greater amount of vehicles of every description- far more than other years. All went well with the usual gathering of the public all along the route, who always seem to enjoy the event. Still no rain as it usually does, ask Sue and Geoff and Joan Clipson who have been caught out in their open toppers.                                                                                            

                              However we all arrived safely and had our usual gathering together crowd including Paul and Sheenaís family plus a visit from Steve, Jodie and family. The 60ís dress up was done very well by EYTCC , they had a very long trailer dress up as a catwalk to display the entrants with a prize for the winner, sixties music was played all day- great stuff!                                                    

                              The day started ending around 4.30pm Paul, Sheena, Graham and Jacky not forgetting Alfie made their way home and Jean and I had a short walk on the cliff top, the view is stunning on a lovely day like this. this gave us some time to let the crowd thin out. We finally made our way to the harbour for fish and chips - well you canít go to Brid without having fish and chips! A great end to a great day.   
Norm and Jean.

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