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Daffodil Day Run

Daffodil Car Run for Marie Curie 13/04/2008

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All week I know most of us were watching the TV weather broadcasts with more than the usual interest and just keeping all our fingers crossed that ‘someone up there’ would be kind to us for our first real day of fund raising for our branches Marie Curie Million Mile Challenge.

The day started off a little overcast but not too bad. We were all meeting at 9.30am in Cross Hill car park in Driffield. Chris and I set off without Pebbles much to her dismay in the Pick Up packed with balloons that we had blown up the previous afternoon. We also had lots of Marie Curie regalia like big yellow top hats, tabards and scarves to dress up in.

We were the first there closely followed by Ian and Ann with their two dogs Elli and Sky looking really posh with leads festooned with Daffs. The reason we hadn’t taken Pebbles was we were booked into the restaurant and it was a no dogs allowed area, and Pebs does not like to stay in the Pick Up alone, this would have just caused hysterical mayhem……

Cars started to arrive in droves, we had a host of other classics besides the Minors and also some modern cars that wanted to take part. Paul and Adrian arrived in the ‘Bug’, I personally think that by the end of the day these two deserved an award! Sheena for once was driving her own Minor with daughter Hailey. We also had four ladies and one gentleman from the Marie Curie volunteers who were coming along for the day and riding in members cars. We had our future MM members along as well Rachael and Jacob Wood who both looked stunning in their Easter Hats and Ryan and Lorna Maisie, Paul and Sheena’s grandchildren. It was a real family affair for some of our members as Emma and Guy (you all remember Guy – Paul’s son-in-law with the stunning TVR at our Rally last year) came along as well, not in the TVR though I’m sorry to say, but they did bring Murphy, once seen never forgotten no can forget Murphy! Norman had done a fab job on Chester who was decked out with so many Daffs it was a real sight to behold!

Every one really got into the spirit of things and donned the big ‘Munchkin’ hats, I can honestly say that you couldn’t miss us!!!! Extra balloons were blown up and tied on, Pam and Tim brought a large roll of yellow ribbon that was quickly wound round emblems and windows, bunting and Daffodils everywhere. People coming through the car park started donating money immediately so we were off to a good start.

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The Police were amazing they sorted out our route out of town (there were road works and one road was closed) so at 10.30 sharp with their help we wound our way out of Driffield in a marvelous procession of yellow and blue (the Marie Curie colours).

Route maps in hand we set off to Malton our next pick up point and collection place. Then it started to drizzle………..then it started to really rain and by the time we got to Malton it was chucking it down! We congregated in the car park (eventually for me and Chris who took a wrong turn because of a diversion in the town centre)! Unfortunately because of the rain people were pretty thin on the ground, but there was a dog show going on in the Hall opposite so Ann and Jean took Elli and Sky over to ‘rattle’ their tins, thanks to those doggy people at least we collected something………Paul and Adrian in the ‘bug’ had by now got into their water proofs ready for the next leg. We were joined by John and Jean from the Morris Oxford club but it was so wet our biking pals had decided to cry off – and who could blame them?

Off we set again and as soon as we started climbing up onto the moors the weather started to get a lot drier. Chris and I were in the lead – BIG MISTAKE – luckily most of the others decided that too and didn’t follow us………..we actually went into Farndale from opposite direction to everyone else but we got to the car park first!  We arrived at the same time as Steve and Joanne Turner who joined us from the Cambridge - Oxford Owners Club. The parking attendants had allotted us some space which was good as it is a tiny car park and a lot of our party had to park up the road, but we soon all congregated together again.

It was here where we met up with Martin and Penny. They owned several Morris Minors quite some years ago and both have a great affection for this little car. Martin got in touch with me after following our website articles and has now decided to write a book about the Morris Minor and its life and times so they had made the trip from Leeds to come and ‘interview’ us all for his research purposes. He was disappointed that Pebbles wasn’t with us as he now feels he knows her ‘personally’! I did explain that she doesn’t miss out on much and I am sure that they will meet in the future! Everyone was very willing to give him their tales of Minoring so hopefully the book will sell like ‘hot cakes’ when it comes out at the end of the year. We have promised to keep in touch so I will keep you posted.

The amount of people up there walking amazed me, they were of all ages and sexes – nearly all covered liberally in mud but really enjoying the walking. We did some of the walk to the point where without Wellies it would have been impossible to continue but every one was so generous to these strange looking people in ‘Munchkin’ hats that it was well worth getting a bit muddy. The country side was lovely, well worth a visit when the weather warms up.

We left after a couple of hours and headed up to Blakey for lunch, by this time with the fresh ‘hilly air’ we were all starving. There was still snow up on these hills so it was pretty bracing up there and we were all glad to run into the pub for some warmth…… was heaving, so out with the buckets again. People were so generous it was amazing, I can only say if any of them are reading this article ‘Thank You’ you were great….and I am sorry for interrupting your Sunday lunch!

The 40 plus of us invaded the restaurant and everyone had a super meal, again another place well worth a visit if you are out and about – when we go again we will have a bar meal next time as Pebbles is allowed in the bar area (that should please her) far more civilized!

We left The Lion in glorious sunshine – if only it had been like this all day.

Pam and I decided that on the way back down we would try the pubs in Malton as there was football on and there may be some more donations. As it was people were still staying at home as it was so cold but to all the young men that donated some money and put their Daffies on ‘Thank You’ too.

We arrived back at Tim and Pam’s for a much needed glass of chilled white (well me, Pam and Sheena)! Ofcourse the lads were all on tea!

We counted up our ‘takings’ and were all surprised and very pleased with the out come.

Considering the terrible weather we had encountered for our first major fund raising event we did pretty damn good!

Many thanks to Pam and Tim who came up with the idea and did all the organizing, and ofcourse all concerned who took part despite the weather we all had a fab day.


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