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Burton Fleming August 2009

Bar to Bar Run

Sue’s Scribbles September 09


Since the last Scribbles we seemed to have packed a lot more in to our travels!

The North East Branch Camping Rally at Weardale Railway was a great weekend we had nine of our Branch go for the weekend. There was a 1970’s Fancy Dress theme on the Saturday night, (hopefully there will be some photos supplied by Paul, Keith, Sue and Rick as we left the camera and disc recorder at home)! so we are relying on everyone else for the evidence! Two days of duck racing (down the wear) and much more, if any one wants a good camping weekend, apart from our Branch Rally that is!! Go up to the North East Rally! Chris and I always say that we have to have spend our odd free weekend away with Sue and Dave Cook throughout the year to keep in touch with the ‘lingo’ so that when we go to their Rally we can just about understand everybody! I must admit this is still a work of art when they are talking quickly or have had a few beers!!!! But what lovely peopleto spend time with!!

Our next stop was The Midland Regional at Chatsworth. Chris, Pebbles, Lotti and I went over to Chris and Keith Haigh’s Friday night for the weekend along with Sue and Dave Cook who arrived Saturday. Although in total nine of our branch made the trip to Derbyshire on the day. After the weather had been scorching on the Saturday (this was mostly spent in Meadow Hall searching for wedding dresses with Chris H, her Mum and daughter Lindsey who is getting married next year) Sunday by contrast was overcast, windy and decidedly chilly with the odd burst of sunshine, but it was good to support Lou and Charlie Edwards as it was their branch who were organising the event, and as you all know they are great supporters of our B&W branch. We had one small hiccup when Norman and Jean M arrived in their lovely little Figaro and were almost turned away at the rally entry point, but after a few ‘words’ the misunderstanding was cleared up and all was resolved (well after a fashion). There were 127 cars, including 7 concours cars to be judged, this is the largest turn out of concours Minors that I have seen for a very long time and they made a wonderful show. Although it is something that I wouldn’t like to do personally as there is soooo much work to put in……..they do look fab….

Next weekend Chris and I are off on the Roses Run, meeting up at Chris and Keith H’s on the Friday night (Pebbles and Lotti are staying behind, much to Pebble’s disgust)! this year it is Morecombe to Scarborough so we will stay the night in Morecombe and then come home from Scarborough ready for work on Monday morning. This is the first year that Chris and I have taken part in this event and hopefully it won’t be the last. Norman and Jean M have done it a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps next year we will manage to get more of you to go!

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti xxx

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