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Chairman's Notes  - September 2008

Another month gone and we now seem to be heading into winter fast! The nights are really drawing in and the weather isn’t worth mentioning, although while I am writing this the sun is shining temporarily…….

A lot seemed to happen in August, our last weekend away was Beamish for the North East’s 60th Celebration Rally – unfortunately Pebbles had to stay at home for this one as some of the places we were going to were not dog friendly this included the club house on the camp site and as the main Marie Curie fund raising event was taking place there on Saturday night and I was heavily involved it would have caused problems.


No its a lake............



The drive up to Durham proved eventful yet again with the usual happenings! The camp site was situated on a hill with our three trailer tents parked on quite a slope (I think we all gained our ‘sea legs’ over the weekend)!! The weather was reasonably kind although we did have patches of torrential rain.

Since we went to Grouse Hill last year there have been some of our members that have made it a quest to find the best cream and jam scone - this year there have been several attempts on this page are two of them - and the jury is still out!!

The Auction for Moggie Memorabilia was a great success. Sue Cook and I had loads of fun doing it! There were some really generous people there. Sue kindly let me sell tickets for our Norman Metcalfe water colour too.

NO Susan - You Cannot Push It over!

SIT DOWN - You Morris Minor lot....

Sunday saw us at the ‘Rally’ meeting point at Beamish Museum, there was a really good turn out of around 45 cars, considering how the weather was this was really good. We spent the day doing the whole of the museum including a ride on an open topped steam locomotive (getting very sooty) and a trip down the Drift Mine. Chris and I have been to Beamish several times but not for about 5 years and it’s amazing how it is changing, but fascinating. I think that the high light of the weekend for me though was going to see the Angel of the North after leaving the museum. I sat on its feet, it is huge and to be so close to it, it really is spectacular!

Bank Holiday Monday we had been invited to put on a display of Moggies for the Burton Flemming Village Scare Crow Festival. This was a great success we had 10 Minors and a ‘mock up Ferguson Tractor complete with a Fergi Fred Scarecrow. The weather was actually very pleasant and the cars gained a great deal of attention which was really nice for all of us. A really bizarre discovery was some adult Ostrich strolling around a back garden with a small baby one in tow………strange what you see in villages!

Some of us were going to Cadwell Park which was vintage pre 1935 car racing on the 31st , but dogs weren’t allowed in and as this is always a consideration because of Pebbles, in the end we went to a small Tractor Rally at Low Marishes, which Richards sister Diane and her husband organise. Unfortunately the whole day was shrouded in very damp low cloud.

Tomorrow we are intending to go to the Yorvik Rally at Hutton-le-Hole but I think this will be weather permitting although I do know it is going ahead as Yorvik have rung me to confirm this.

Chris and I had a rather different homecoming the other night – we were driving back from Paul and Sheena’s in Driffield at about 7.30 when we had to pull over for a fire engine blasting along with sirens screaming. Chris jokingly said ‘I hope our house isn’t on fire’. Well when we turned the corner we were confronted by two fire engines and lots of flashing blue lights virtually in our gate way! We quickly parked the car and made sure that the house and the dogs who were going frantic were ok then went to ask what was going on. For anyone who knows our house the corner is very sharp and people tend to take it far too fast. This time it was a motor bike – the poor rider was in our ditch with the bike about 15 feet further down the ditch (our ditch is about 4’ deep). After ambulances and doctors coming and going in the end they scrambled an RAF Helicopter from Leconfield to air lift him to hospital. The lady pilot landed the helicopter in our gateway, she was so precise and quick. These machines are huge and the draft from the propellers is really ferocious it was bending our large conifers almost in half!! Anyway they got him safely on board and hopefully he will survive.

After that bit of doom and gloom DON’T FORGET it is our club BBQ next Sunday in Dalby Forest, even if the weather isn’t so great we have cover with the club gazebo. Please get in touch will Pam for further details 01262 420351 it is DIY so you will need your own food and drink but the club is providing the BBQ.

Hope to see you all there. Don’t forget also that all classics are welcome from other clubs.

Happy Minoring!

Sue & Pebbles x

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