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Chairman's Notes  - September 2007

Hi Guys,


Well now the summer is supposed to be officially over according to all the TV programs, the kids are back at school and all the Mum’s are breathing a sigh of relief and we are almost looking at putting the Minors to bed for the winter until next years season – but in saying that the weather at the moment is fab!!!!!!

Eleven from our Branch again made the trip to the Isle of Wight for their annual Rally – this year was a freebie as it was their 21st. There was no prize giving as such, but a few discretionary prizes decided by their committee. One of these went to a super little Saloon with a half Minor trailer, I was fascinated by this invention………..I want one!

We drove down on the Thursday with no hitches apart from one flat tire that was changed quicker than one in the pits at Silverstone! As usual most of us traveled in convoy with the help of two way radios. (these are such a bonus to travel with plus the fact that it gets the ‘party’ started from the word go)!

We did quite a bit of sight seeing and really wanted to do more but time ran out unfortunately.

We have also managed to book our Christmas dinner at the Trout Inn at Wansford – this is booked for a Friday in January, the date is going to be finalized at tonight’s meeting – watch for confirmation as numbers need to be counted. If anyone doesn’t want to drink and drive they are more than welcome to come and camp on our land.

Since talking to you all last we have had a committee meeting and organized our Rally, hopefully we have covered all bases, but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let one of us know.

The other thing to be sorted out was the links on our web site, these have been brought back, so our club ‘information board’ is hopefully thriving once more.

We have also discussed Regalia and the place of it in the club, there were varying thoughts on this but anyone who wants to throw their hat into the ring and get involved please say so as we need as much input as possible, Regalia after all does help club funds, and ofcourse club funds go towards club events.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.

Sue and Pebbles x

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