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Sue’s Scribbles October 2010

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the blip in the website we had a technical hitch with the launch ‘pad’ so to speak! Anyway I will try and cover the last two months together. If I have forgotten anything newsy you will have to give me a nudge.


Although it seems a very long time ago now Paul, Sheena, Chris, Keith, my Chris, me along with Lotti, Arthur and little Brody had a really good weekend at Driffield Steam Fair. Although on the Friday lunch time when the four of us plus pups (Paul and Sheena were due later) arrived to organise our camp site the weather was atrocious, it tipped it down! We kept looking at each other and shaking our heads we must be mad to be two minutes from home where it was warm and dry….to sit in a sopping wet field! It must be defiantly the ‘gungho spirit’! We had planned to BBQ that night but when Paul and Sheena arrived it was voted that fish and chips was a better option! We had already put up the two club gazebos together to make a nice sized marquee along with refectory tables and candelabra and intimate lighting courtesy of Paul! (its amazing what we can carry in Bertha)! So a good night was had by all. The rest of the weekend was fine and dry thank goodness if a little breezy. The show this year seemed bigger than ever and we must have walked miles. Always an enjoyable weekend, we finished with a leisurely BBQ Sunday evening with Haley, Adrian, Lorna and Rowan, Paul and Sheena’s family. We left around 8pm as there is no point in rushing to get out as the traffic is always phenomenal.


The Scarecrow Festival was a really good day out and the classics were very much admired as always and prove a great draw for the people who attend. This year it was a little windy so we asked the organising team if they minded us putting up our branch gazebo – this proved very popular as a hospitality tent for tea and coffee for the stall holders too! There were more stalls open this year with lots of home made crafts and goodies to be had, my Chris bought a rather large Lemon Cake which we dived up between us all with afternoon coffee, it was yummy!!!

Brody Chris and Keith’s Scottie pup and Lotti were both entered into the annual dog show (different classes) Brody in the cutest puppy in which she came a disappointing 4th we think she was easily the cutest one there especially with her little bent ear that hasn’t risen yet – but a Great Dane romped in 1st far too big to be cute……anyway Lotti and I did even worse and came in 5th in the best six legs category – perhaps it was my pink stripy socks that put the judge off? Never mind it was all in a bit of fun.

Mike and I made a scarecrow to sit in my convertible, the theme was Monte Carlo Or Bust – She wasn’t much of a conversationalist though so not the ideal passenger….one gentleman took several photos of her for his website – his hobby as he explained was taking photos a mannequin heads, he also confided that he was banned from all branches of M&S for doing it in their stores!!!!!

I have to pass on the Burton Fleming Village Enhancements thanks to all who came and displayed their cars it was a great success. We have also got our invitation for next year too!

The Bay Run was also very well attended; we were turning people away in the end this year because of the risk assessment by the police in Beverley we were limited to numbers. Next year there will be a slightly different approach for entries. Chris and I have a meeting coming up with the organisers so I will keep you posted.

The Mayor walked round chatting to us all and really enjoyed the cars. The media coverage was far reaching too which has resulted in some interesting phone calls.

The day itself went very well even with the road works that had sprung up in Beverley, this did cause a certain amount of chaos as even the police were unaware of them and in the market area only sent one poor PSO to direct the traffic which seemed to be everywhere. The road workers themselves even had the cheek to break up the procession on the way out through the Bar!!

In the end Chris was left to make his own way to Filey as he helped with traffic directing. Unfortunately Bertha decided she would run like a ‘bag of spanners’ and along with Nikki our blue saloon that Fred was driving ended up back home in dock and they came to Filey in my Corsa.

A big thanks to everyone too for being very generous in giving to Mike Deans ‘Nifty Fifty’ charity in aid of Leuka, we raised £75.00 on the day. Well done!

Talking of Leuka, we met up with Mike Dean again the following weekend at Hardwick Hall for the East Midlands Rally. There was five from our branch went along to this beautiful setting. The old Hall is now almost derelict but was free for us to go into. A lot of the lovely relief mouldings could still be clearly seen on the wall structures despite it being open to the elements. The new Hall had an entrance fee and as you all know my Chris is dead tight and Lotti wasn't allowed in either so we stuck to the freebie's. We also managed to collect a further £50 for Mike and his Nifty Fifty which was a bonus.  A good day out all round.

Chris had this really great idea that we would also go to an Area 10 event (Potteries Branch) down near Wolverhampton - well it was at a big Garden Centre and as he pointed out to me I do like Garden Centres. Since I got my little Tommi Tourer I have done over 2000 miles in three months! Even though as yet the body work isn't too clever we were all stunned by the car in the photo below......mechanically great and with an MOT.....once done up it will be the owners pride and joy (I think she was about 17) good to see young people taking an interest in the classics.

The weather up here inYorkshire was apparently foul all day - it certainly was when we set off at 7am Sunday morning (how dedicated to rallying is that)? but the further  down South we got the sunnier it became and it was a very pleasant day until we got back up to the Doncaster area on the way home.

We have next weekend at home and then on the 2nd October it is Charlottes Run so possibly see you then.   

The next meeting is on 11th October. Last meeting we stayed in the front darts room of the White Horse and it proved very cosy, so if you come along and we are not in the restaurant we will probably be in there.

See you all soon.

 Sue  & Lotti  XX

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