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Sue’s Scribbles October 09

The nights are drawing in and the mornings getting darker, I find it really difficult to get out of bed in the winter months…….

We went on a branch outing to Barnsley’s Host day at Wentworth castle, there was Paul, Sheena, Chris, myself and the ‘girls’, Norman and Jean in the Fig and Mike with Sammy in his Triumph. The five of us made our way to the Howden ‘truck stop’ where we met Norm and Jean for coffee and a bacon butty. It was a beautiful morning so we sat outside enjoying the lovely sunshine before taking off to our destination. The further we got into South Yorkshire the greyer and duller it became, we even hit a patch of drizzle but when we arrived at Wentworth it was fine and dry if not yet sunny. We were met with coffee/tea and cakes which always pleases my husband – he is getting known now as the ‘remorseless’ eating machine!!!!!! We were parked on the side of a hill and the view was just stunning you could see for miles, the gardens were going ‘back’ a little but the plants and flowers were still making an excellent display. Sue and Dave Cook along with Brian Phillips had made the trip from the North East, I always admire Sue and Dave for the miles that they put in, they are such good ambassadors for the Club. We had a very relaxing time just sitting around talking, in the end time escaped us and we realised that we were the last ones there apart from Chris and Keith and the Castle staff wanted to lock the gates!!!!

Chris, Paul and myself attended the Area 1 meeting yesterday in Cleckheaton, it was the AGM as is traditional in October even though Chris Haigh and myself had only been in office for the last six months due to the problems that had arisen with certain branches raising unfounded queries. I know that all of you have had access to the minutes of that meeting so are familiar with the content.

I am happy to report that Chris Haigh was re-elected as Secretary, Marilyn Cook was re-elected as Treasurer and myself as Area 1 Liaison Officer. The meeting was also attended by Ray Newell and Rosie Hamilton, they gave us the benefit of historical facts and some breaking news on the new branch and Area constitutions that have been carefully put together to avoid any more misunderstandings at grass roots level.

The meeting was almost a full house with the exception of N. Wales, Cumbria and East Yorkshire who all sent apologies. The meeting was upbeat and productive. There were a lot of points raised and answered.

Christine will be providing each branch with a copy of the minutes very shortly which I will bring to the next meeting. One point that was raised by Paul was the issue of Norman’s car and the treatment that he has received as a result (Apparently Norman isn’t the only one to experience this). These problems are to be addressed however, so watch this space…….

The Bar to Bar Rally is on again as an annual event so as soon as you get your new diaries put it in for the 5th September 2010. It will now be known as The Bay Filey Classic Car Run and it is now officially in the new copy of Morgan’s Diary. There is also a full article along with photos going into Minor Matters so watch out for it.

See you all at the meeting tonight.

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti xx

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