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Chairman's Notes  - October 2008

Hi Guys,

Autumn is here with the shorter days, soon to get even shorter after the 26th so don’t forget to alter your clocks and get that extra hour in bed………

Chris and I had our last camping weekend away at the end of September. Along with Paul and Sheena we had arranged to go to Major Bridge Park this is the place where at night everyone lights up their tent/caravan awnings but this was cancelled at the last minute due to the weather, so it was a mad ring round for Sheena to find us an alternative only for Major Bridge Park to be back on. Anyway by this time Sheena had found somewhere else - we ended up fifteen miles down the road at Hunmanby! What a super camp site – swimming pool and bar complex, miniature railway and fishing lake. We didn’t bother to take any food other than breakfast stuff and nibbles (to go with the wine ofcourse)! We had two really excellent meals out one at the Swan in Hunmanby and the other at the Copper Horse in Seamer, both places to be highly recommended.

It was the Northern Regional Rally last weekend at Cannon Hall Farm Barnsley. This Rally is organised by Area 1 which is our area (this was an alternative date to the beginning of the year when it was postponed). There were twenty two cars there from five Area 1 Branches. Brid & Wolds, Yorvik, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Barnsley, ofcourse Barnsley had the greater majority. The weather after a very dismal start at around 6.30am turned out to be glorious. This is a really impressive site, there is a very good restaurant/coffee shop and a wonderful delicatessen and farm shop I could have spent a fortune!!  Chris and Keith Haigh ‘babysat’ Pebbles while we went round the farm and fed the goats, llamas, donkeys etc, the baby goats seemed to be great escape artists they were just mingling with the crowds, it was really busy, for a family day out with children it was an ideal place to spend a Sunday. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time it was something different. You can get another chance to go with your MM next year as Barnsley are having their own Rally there on 10th May 09.

Chris will be posting all next years dates that we have available on the website events page shortly.

Chris, Pebbles and I attended the Area 1 AGM meeting yesterday in Cleckheaton, unfortunately it was even less well attended than usual. Chris Haigh has stepped down from the post of secretary and Peter Miller for reasons of ill health has stepped down as Liaison Officer.

From the meeting we followed Chris and Keith Haigh to Ikea for a spot of Sunday afternoon browsing at ‘chuck out your chintz’. Strange advertising now though as they seem to be selling a vast amount of chintz nowadays!! Pebbles goes round in her dog stroller and thoroughly enjoys it – its amazing no one realises that my child doesn’t have any legs sticking out of its pushchair!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you it is a God send as being able to take her in stops her doing her car wrecking stint!!!!!!!

Our next club get together is our Murder Night at Pam and Tim’s I think tonight we will be getting our characters, so this should be interesting if not down right hilarious!

It will be Christmas before we know it, there are only two more meetings after tonight so we need to think of a venue for our post Christmas meal, if anyone has any ideas of a good place to go please speak up – or as it has been suggested I am sure that the Trout will accommodate us again but we need to get something and a date organised.

Sue & Pebbles x

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