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Hi Guys,

Firstly we can now boast that we have got a 'celebrity' Moggie in our club! Please click here and have a look at the super article submitted by Pam and Tim on their day out filming with the crew of The Royal in Scarborough...........

At the last meeting we were glad to welcome two new members to our Branch Tom and Jill from Filey, hopefully they will enjoy coming to the meetings as much as the rest of us do. We also had some visitors who joined us for the night Ted and Judith from Lincs Branch – I think that they will defiantly call in again!

We had two members Jackie and Sheena put their names forward to share the position of Regalia Secretary, so if any one has any ideas for regalia or what they think people may want to have as a memento from our Branch please share your ideas with them and I am sure they will make a great success of it.

It was also brought up about the question of Steve seeming to not be an official committee member although he is, and our Club Events Secretary, Chris Haigh donned her official Area 1 cap and it was proposed by the members and seconded that Steve is now an official committee member with full vote.

The ‘Christmas Do’ is booked at the Trout Inn for Friday 25th January 08, hopefully tonight I will have a sample menu with me at the meeting to show everyone, if any one wants to wants bring their caravan or tent etc and stay on our field we do have the odd electric hook up for those who don’t want to have a long drive home……….

Chris and I have had quite an eventful month ourselves with the ‘East Yorkshire Tornado’………..after escaping the floods quite successfully we were hit by this quite bizarre and surrealistic phenomenon at 7.35am on 24th September. I cannot describe the noise of this thing as it went through our property! It was just unbelievable. I watched as it swept by the front of the house like an old fashioned black and white film, it hurled apples and stones around as if the were suspended ping pong balls, it uprooted the cherry tree that serves as a bird table and just threw it straight back down, bent the trees in half and then disappeared……….or so we thought………no such luck the large hay barn is almost non existent – most of the roof is gone on both sides and the walls are nearly all missing, in the field there are the ‘spears’ of roof sticking out of the ground, and earth that has been ripped up, the second barn has substantial roof damage, the only ‘lucky’ thing is that the house only lost two tiles………the trail of devastation that this thing has left is amazing, there are trees broken and uprooted in the wood, and we could clearly see its path marked out in the grass as it passed through on its way to North Frodingham.

One thing that saved us from any injury was a twist of fate, we were very late to bed on the Sunday night as we had driven to Norwich that day to pick up a 1954 Ferguson Tractor (Chris had bought this on e-bay) and this saved us from being out in that field at 7.30am with the dogs on this particular morning…………strange thing fate……….

Needless to say like so many other people who have had disasters caused by the weather this year we are still waiting for the Insurance Assessor………

We are at the Area 1 Meeting in Cleckheaton the Sunday before our club meeting and I am sure that Maurice will be delivering a frank and informative report on all the goings on within the MMOC and any changes there may be.

Talk next month…….

Sue and Pebbles x

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