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Sue’s Scribbles October 2011

Hi Guys,

Hopefully we are on time this month…….

Bar To Bar (Bay Run Filey)

We had a house full of Morris Minorers over this particular weekend, this isn’t unusual but I  think this was the most we have had stay (apart from our Rally that is) as there were ten of us at the finish, there should have been eleven but Big Bri Newham had to drop out at the last minute. The house contained Chris and Keith Haigh with Brodie, our Mike and his two Jack Russells, Sue and Dave Cook and Malcolm and Dorothy Bainbridge. With all bedrooms now being occupied Chris and I decamped and slept in our caravan in the warehouse along with Mike Dean in his Tear Drop.

Everyone arrived just after lunch on Friday, so Chris and I managed to wind our working day up early so that we could enjoy the company. Luckily Friday for us once the couriers have all been in and enquiries and emails answered the afternoon is usually pretty relaxed so this wasn’t too much of a problem!

The strange thing about our Morris Minor friends is even though we spend so much time in the rally season with the same folk and all keep up contact in-between we still manage to have loads to catch up on every time we get together!

Friday night was fish and chips with the proverbial flowing liquid refreshment!

Saturday there was a Caravan Exhibition at The Lawns at one of the Hull Universities campuses, so we all piled into the Minors and went along for a look. The amount of people that are now into caravans and outdoor living is phenomenal, the place was heaving! Some of the static homes were absolutely amazing, with amazing price tags to go along with them, one was a snip at a mere £500,000 and it was already sold to be shipped to somewhere in Wales after the event!

Sunday morning was the big Moggy wash – once all done and polished we left for Beverley at just after 9am. Chris had gone earlier to get on site and make sure everything was in place before the stated arrival time of 10am. When we got there, there were already some very early birds parked up. This time the event had sparked a great deal of ‘Joe Public’ interest and it was really nice to have individuals/family’s walking round the cars and asking questions about them. We had four marshals from the branch in high vis vests giving out directions and making sure that the Police were on site for the ‘off’ as they are responsible for stopping the traffic and the lights.

Unfortunately this year modern car drivers didn’t seem to want to take any notice of either our marshals or the Police and we had one very bolshie Warburton’s lorry driver who insisted on ploughing straight through the middle of us and as he got himself stuck there no one could move either way! We finally sorted it out and were off.

This year the run took a slightly different format – Pam and Tim kindly plotted a route through the Wolds from the meeting place in Beverley Saturday Market to The Bay complex Filey. Chris and I took the lead through the Bar - big mistake! I was driving and Chris was supposed to be reading the directions but as usual he was too busy talking so we missed a vital turn off and ended up with only 5 cars doggedly following – the others were obviously better at reading than he is and took the correct turn off. After what seemed like miles we decided to turn round when we met Chris and Keith coming in the opposite direction. By this time in my state of heightened tension doing my 3 point turn in a narrow country lane I managed to reverse into a grass bank and fill my exhaust with soil, so after a push and some therapy with a pen knife to clear the blockage we were once more on our way, only to get lost again very quickly after a few more miles!!! Needless to say we eventually made it to our destination well behind almost everyone else……..

The pub had had several staff not turn in (every Landlords nightmare) so it was chaos getting the food that we had ordered, but when it came it hit the spot. Although all this did cause some serious grumbling.

We had also been given a pass to go into the new pool/leisure complex that has just been finished, I must admit I wish it was a little nearer to us I would be there every day for a swim. Chris, Mike D and I took advantage of these new facilities and that at least was most relaxing after all the hassle! After a final coffee and a natter with those who were left in the coffee shop when we came out we made our way home at about 5pm.

Area 2 Chatsworth

Chris and I along with Lotti and Charli decided to make this a weekend in Derbyshire. We found a CL not far from Chatsworth so took the caravan over on the Friday afternoon with me following in the Moggy. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term CL it means a camp/caravan site that only has 5 pitches at the most and you have to be a member of the Caravan Club to take advantage of these, they are usually at a farm or someone’s spare field. The site was situated straight off what could only be described as a well used not very wide village road and access could only be gained through a narrow stone gateway which going on all the battle scares the posts bore was going to prove perhaps a little difficult to negotiate, especially with a larger caravan but after a little shunting while I stopped the traffic Chris got ours through without adding to the poor posts ‘wounds’!

The site was situated right opposite the farm buildings under some very large Oak trees, this was lovely, until we realised there were numerous items of live stock wandering around. Chickens, Aylesbury ducks, these are the ones that walk upright like mini sentries and a Tamworth pig and her litter of piglets! Ofcourse these animals were used to people being camped on their turf so made no bones about coming into the awning looking for a quick snack……we did our best to shoo them out of the way as with our Charli they were the ones more likely to become the snack! Luckily they managed to stay just out of his reach.

We had a day out in Bakewell on the Saturday, this is a lovely place with a very picturesque river and weir running through the centre of the town, with yet more ducks, swans, geese and water fowl of every description to run the gamut of ……….but we managed to negotiated Charli reasonably successfully through them all and into the shopping area. I will say for a touristy town the majority of the shops were really dog friendly, which makes a very pleasant change. We had lunch at a pavement café, this proved to be not the best idea we could have had as it was on a pedestrian walk way – this ofcourse meant lots of other dogs walking by just to excite Charli even further…….we are living in hope that when he grows up a little he will get better with his on going social training. Lotti on the other hand by comparison now seems to have grown out of her yappy ways and is now a happy, glad to be there little pooch who just wanted to share our lunch!

Sunday was the day of Chatsworth, Norman and Jean rung us before we left camp as they had decided to have a run over in the Triumph so when we arrived I had a word with Brian and Murray who were booking in as the last time Norman went he was in the Fig and I think you all know what happened that time……..when they arrived the Triumph did cause quite a stir but this time in a very positive way and it was very much admired.

Unfortunately Chatsworth was clothed in scaffolding and sheeting making the house look like a paranormal apparition rising high above us. It is undergoing a colossal £14 million restoration project, this apparently will enable visitors to experience both the inside and outside of Chatsworth as never been seen before.

The wind was picking up as it had been forecast, and all of a sudden the heavens opened so every one made a mad rush back to their cars to put hoods up and bonnets down. Luckily it didn’t last long and soon faired up again. There was ofcourse the Concours heat, and yes they actually had the Chief Judge in attendance. There were 5 cars entered, one of which was our pal Paul Temples (Mad Mogs Branch), he hadn’t entered a concours event before and was bowled over to be awarded a trophy after gaining 795 points – this was apparently the first time his car had won a prize in his twenty year ownership! His car by the way is on the MMOC Stand at the NEC in November.

Branch & Liaison Meeting Lutterworth

Being Area 1 Liaison Officer this is a meeting that I attend every year, Chris goes along as your branch representative.

Various topics were raised one being Concours. After our own branch experience of this at our own rally it is now confirmed that there are going to be considerable issues addressed regarding the running and organising of events for the coming year. If you would like to know more I do have the details.

David Youngs from Footman James came along to explain certain insurance concerns that had been brought up by MMOC members.

The points he covered were that there are still people who are getting confused with the terms Market Value and Agreed Value. If your car is ensured at Market Value, when anything does go wrong your claim is assessed on a car of the same age and one in reasonable condition which is always a lower pay our. If you consider your car is above average standard and wish to ensure it for Agreed Value, the best way is to get one of the MMOC’s trained valuers in to have a look and authenticate the value you are wishing to put on your policy, or you can put a value on the car yourself and take a good range of pictures to include all body work, underside, interior, engine boot etc. and send this in with your renewal form. David did say it is rare that your assessment of your car is questioned but if it is you will still need to get in touch with one of the valuers.

The rise in premiums, there are two main reasons for this, the biggest one is that every insurance claim now seems to be piggybacked by PIC’s - ‘Personal Injury Claims’ and this goes right across the board from modern cars to classics. Another major factor is ‘Orchestrated Accidents’ these are intentional accidents with a view to defrauding insurance companies, and they are very much on the increase. Overall Footman James is still performing well, providing a speedy and efficient service should anything unfortunately go wrong.

 Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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