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Chairman's Notes  - November 2008

Lords Mayor Show

Halloween Party

Hi Guys,

Bonfire Night is now a memory again for another year, just a pity about the continuing fire works going off constantly. Don’t get me wrong I love a good fire work display but I really don’t think it’s necessary to have them from the end of October until the New Year. When Chris and I lived on the Promenade in Bridlington it was a nightmare, the poor dogs spent two months being traumatized by the constant bangs and flashes. At least now we are out in the country it is only in the distance, trouble is there is a lot of illegal poaching goes on so gunfire can sound like fireworks……….

At tonight’s meeting I know we are having a guess the object competition which sounds like we could have a great deal of fun doing it, although if it’s all engine parts I have lost straight away!!

For those who unfortunately didn’t make it to our annual Halloween bash, shame as we had a really great time. A big thank you to Pam and Tim for all the effort that they put in. It certainly was a night to remember. Some of the costumes were fantastic, two that really spring to my mind are Tim as The Inquisitor (really scary when he opened the door by torch light)! and Norman as Merlin, he just looked so authentic I was waiting for him to cast a spell any second!!!!! also Tom, well I didn’t know such a nice man could be so devious!! A part well played! You can see some photos plus the low down on the nights events on the Halloween Party 08 page.

November is a busy month for Chris and I as it was The Lord Mayor’s Show down in London this last Saturday, I know some of you watched it on telly and hopefully Sheena has recorded it! (more about that on web site) and then next weekend sees us down at the NEC in Birmingham helping on the MM stand at the Classic Car Show. The end of the month is the National Club AGM, normally this is held in Derby but this year it is down in Cowley, we are having a trip round the factory where the first Morris Minor rolled off the production line 60 years ago so this should be a really interesting trip down memory lane. If any Branch members would like any issues raised at the AGM pleased let me know.

We really need to book our Christmas meal quickly, The Trout Inn are happy to have us back so if you would like me to I can get a sample menu for the December meeting unless there are any other suggestions.

Pebbles sends her apologies for tonight as she is staying in Burton Fleming with her Aunty Neet while we are away.

Take care

Sue & Pebbles x

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