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Sue’s Scribbles November 2010

Hi Guys,

The Rally season is all but over now although Chris and I have still had a busy month within the workings of the MMOC.

It was the Area 1 AGM in Cleckheaton a couple of weeks ago, Paul sent his apologies as Brid & Wolds other branch representative as he and Sheena had just come back from holiday.

Although the meeting was well attended nothing really spectacular came out of it:

The Officers of Area 1 all got re-elected:

Sue Akrill – Liaison Officer

Chris Haigh – Secretary

Marilyn Cook – Treasurer

 The North East are kindly hosting the Northern Regional Rally in 2011. This will be a camping weekend this year which is great as the North East is one of our farthest points to travel and doing a rally up there in a day is by most standards in a classic car a little bit too far. The NE crew excel at weekend rallies and have put a lot of hard work into finding a venue so hopefully it will be well attended by Area 1 members and anyone else who wants to join us. The dates for it are 21st and 22nd May, although camping is available from Friday pm 20th. The venue which has yet to be confirmed is Witton Castle Country Park Co. Durham, subject to a site visit regarding facilities (showers/toilets etc).

The following weekend saw us down at Bretby for the National MMOC AGM.

The morning is always taken up by the Liaison Officers meeting – this meeting is to organise dates and venues for events in each area and reports on how areas are doing and any highs or lows they may be experiencing. Andrew Stone (head of the National Rally Team) gave us the dates and a presentation of the 2011 National Rally this is going to be back at Knebworth House down in Hertfordshire 1st, 2nd, 3rd July. I have never done a National Rally there but everyone who has says what a superb venue it is and well worth attending. Chris and I will hopefully be there.

The afternoon is the ‘open’ AGM where any member of the MMOC is welcome.

The officers in post also remain the same on the National committee although the Treasure Roger Taylor has now stepped down but Andrew Stone has become a director and will also cover the financial aspects of the MMOC.

Lou Rock also stepped down as Regalia Secretary, she has done a fantastic job over the past few years by sourcing new and different items to sell for the MMOC. This is a very time consuming post and requires some real dedication!

The annual awards this year went to:

Jack Daniels Trophy                 Lou & Jon Rock

Pete & Sheila Ball Trophy         Paul Temple

The latter trophy is for anyone who does something daft with a Morris Minor and in my mind is the best accolade to get……..

Last year it went to Mike Dean – lets face it we all know Mike and his lovely Traveller and Tear Drop Caravan. For those that don’t Mike agreed to do fifty rallies in 2010 for the charity Lueka. The Nifty Fifty, Mike joined us on our Bay Run (Bar to Bar) in September and as a branch Brid and Wolds managed to contribute around £200 to his charity.

Paul from Mad Mog – Mansfield Branch (this branch has only been established for just over two years) was a well deserved recipitant. Apart from being a thoroughly nice guy, he is so game for a laugh – I could almost say bonkers (but he might read this)!!!!!!!! 

The MMOC office in Derby is having an Open Day on 27th March 2011 if anybody wants to go along.

The other really interesting and informative thing came from Sandy Hamilton. Sandy has a lot to do with The Federation of Historic Vehicles. If  you are thinking about selling your Minor (or classic) via Ebay or photo advert, it is a really good idea to blank out the number plate as there are people out there that are buying a classic just for the plate and then scrapping the car. DVLA are introducing a new Red Log Book – the only problem with these log books is that there is no box to tick to ‘self scrap’ your vehicle. So if you have a vehicle that is not worth restoring and is only going to be stripped for parts – once you have done this you would have to register in Sorn once a year or literally have to pay a registered breakers yard for a certificate to say that the vehicle has been scrapped, as once it is down to a bare shell there is no monetary value left for the breaker.

Chris and I are next off to the NEC early on Thursday morning to help man the Morris Minor stand at the Classic Car Show. This means Lotti having to go into kennels for four days but as we have a new addition to the family in shape of Charli a sixteen week old boy Jack Russell she won’t be on her own. Charli is a real cutie and he and Lotti are getting on famously, although on occasion she is having to pull the ‘big sister’ act and put him in his place!

Our next outing if you would like to join in to display your car is the Christmas Festival on 27th November at The Bay Filey 10am to 4pm. If you are interested can you call Chris on 01377 240096.

Don’t forget next months meeting (December) is the Winter BBQ Party at The Grange, Wansford.

 Sue, Lotti & charli XX

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