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Sueís Scribbles November 09

A report from National Area Liaison Meeting. Derby

Hi Guys,

The last weekend in October saw Chris, myself and the Ďgirlsí Pebbles and Lotti down in Derby for the National AGM and Liaison Officers meeting. After attending these meetings for the last seven years as a branch representative for both East Yorkshire (twice) and then for our own branch Bridlington and Wolds this was the first real time (in my mind anyway) that I had attended as an Ďofficialí Officer. Although I did attend one at the beginning of the year in this post.

The Liaison meeting which takes place the morning is structured to sort out diary dates Ė this is a list of Rallies and Host Days for each area and their respective branches. It also establishes that the list of contacts is up to date.

The meeting is Chaired by Rosie Hamilton the National Liaison Officer to whom we all report. This year Ray Newell joined us to explain the updated Area Guidelines as it had been discovered that it hadnít been up dated for quite some years and in a lot of ways it was sadly out of date! Also how the new branch rebate scheme is working or not as some branches are putting in claims so late.

As with all things now a days expenses are high on the agenda and need to be reviewed so Ray also explained the new mileage allowance for Area Officers and branch representatives, which have always been for essential use only. This has always been paid from National funds for things like attending Area meetings and official business. This was allotted at 40p per mile. It has now been decided that the National will cut the allowance to 15p per mile with the relevant branch topping up the officers mileage to 40p Ė a contribution of 25p. There was a lot of debate about this and I found it quite amazing that some people want to be paid to enjoy their chosen hobby. Iím afraid the way I look at it is Ė if I want to do it. ie be branch representative like I have been over the last few years and now that I am elected Area 1 Officer then that is my choice, I donít expect to be paid to do it (so donít worry Paul I WONíT be coming to you expecting any money from branch funds)!! In fact when our branch was in its first year both Maurice Stewart (our then Secretary) and myself donated our expense cheques for attending Area Meetings back to branch funds. No Hobby Comes Free!

As you know we have had a new branch added to our Area this year that of Cumbria, it was announced at the meeting that another new branch has been formed on the Isle of Man, so that will be a Rally to put in our diaries!!!! Chrisís Dad lived there for quite a few years so Chris spent a lot of school holiday time on the island and would love to take the Pick-up to a Rally there to see if itís as he remembers.

Andrew Stone the National Rally Organiser announced that the Nation Rally this year is going to be held at Harewood House 25th 26th 27th June Ė this is great news for us, itís almost on our doorstep so hopefully we will get a really good turn out from our branch with offers of our help where ever we may be needed. When Chris and I first joined the MMOC we had just missed the National Rally being held at Harewood and everybody still raves about what a fantastic venue it was, I can honestly say I am already really excited!!!

The other new Ďtourí being put on the calendar is the Ď5 Capitalsí this is being organise by Julian Marshall of North Wiltshire Branch and will take in Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and London over a seven day period. This is from 24th July to 1st August. Unfortunately it clashes with our own Rally and also Revesby which are firmly on the calendar.

November Meeting.

I shall be taking deposits for the branch Christmas ĎDoí on 16th January at The John Paul Jones, The Bay Filey. I will also need an idea of numbers.

Tom is giving us his holiday thoughts and report on his and Jillís visit to the French Battle Fields. Wear your Poppy with Pride.

Donít forget the Christmas meeting we are hoping for a Bumper Raffle so wrap up all your donations in Christmas paper and letís have a real table full of prizes. Wear something Christmassy and letís get a party started. Donít forget that James Junior is setting us a brain teaser quiz and he will have worked hard to put it together for us so lets all be their.

There is a report from Chris about the National AGM following these Scribbles.

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti xx

CLICK HERE - Report on the national AGM 2009

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