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Sue’s Scribbles May 2010

Hi Guys,

Sorry we are going to have to miss the meeting tonight, we are snowed under at work after the weekend and also for the past month internet problems! Chris has been on the phone almost every day to BT to complain about our lack of connection between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm – the main part of our working day, and quite frankly they are rubbish, passed from pillar to post – can you tell that I am more than slightly annoyed! Any way this has resulted in us starting work at 6am and finishing somewhere around 10pm as this is the only time we can get orders from our site and process them!!! Absolutely unbelievable – if anyone else is experiencing these sorts of problems in our area please let me know. As you all know we are an internet based business and our lives depend on this………Paul is going to run things tonight and give you all the info on up and coming events – please, please don’t forget that you can take a modern car – not having a Minor only precludes you from parking with the classics – not coming along and giving your support and enjoying the event. Next weekend at Elsecar (contact Barrie McKenzie ) for example is always a really good do, plenty to look at and buy if you are anything like me and Jean M!!!!! who sadly won’t be my ‘c…..p’ buying buddy as this clashes with their Fig Rally – talking of Norman and Jean they have now got a new two door Minor Saloon which I am sure we may see on Wednesday.

Click here for events diary please note this diary only includes what people inform us of!

Hopefully we will be on the ‘Fish & Chip’ run on Wednesday to Stamford Bridge ourselves although we will be coming in the Spit as poor Doris became ‘terminally ill’ yesterday and requires a transplant………..

Other news, Lotti has had a heart monitor on for 48 hours after her collapsing ‘do’s and apparently her little heart drops a beat now and then if she is racing about, at the moment it isn’t bad enough to have a pace maker fitted, she is so small bless her. On a positive, hopefully she may grow out of it as it’s only her 1st birthday next week.

Then to top it all of last night we had some (I can only call them cretins) decide to fire there stolen getaway vehicle down in our Four Oaks Meadow! Luckily someone was on there way home and saw these 4 amoebas running from the scene, then they saw all the black smoke and did a U turn back to the house to tell us, thank goodness they did I shudder to think what damage this fire could have caused out there if we hadn’t got the fire brigade out to it so quickly. I must really give praise here the Fire Brigade were here within what seemed like a scant few minutes and the Police had apprehended the culprits and had them in custody. Well done to all services concerned! Unfortunately this all took up to about 11pm last night, this is why we are now playing catch up. Anyway now we have a burnt out car, a demolished hedge and quite a bit of wild life damage……..

Chris, Lotti and I have been out and about with members of our branch, the Kite Fest at Driffield was well attended with 7 members taking part, cold and a bit windy but we had our club Gazebo so we were the envy of all there!

East Yorkshire Kite Festival - CLICK HERE for pics

The Pink Pig North Lincs Rally the following day Bank Holiday Monday saw nine members (plus 2 kids and 4 dogs) make the trip over the border as it were, again we were very glad that we had the club Gazebo with us. Bank Holidays were just made for this, I think that North Lincs have got a really good venue in the Pink Pig – totally different to Sandtoft Trolly Bus Museum. We all had a really enjoyable day.
All in all we caught up with more friends promoted the car and had a good laugh, this is what our MM hobby is all about!!


Chris, Lotti and I also made the trip over to Keswick to attend the New Cumbria Branch’s first AGM, this was done in my role of Area 1 Liaison Officer, for once the weather over the other side was glorious to what we left behind and the scenery stunning, last year when we attended the Inaugural Meeting it threw it down, hail sleet and snow you name it, it did it! A well worth 480 mile round trip, we did swing 50 miles of that into Barnsley to drop some goodies off for Keith and Chris’s pond and we did both ways motor way because of easy comfort breaks………

The next day we headed off to the 12th Bronte Country Gathering in Howarth, 6 Branch members and 3 dogs spent the day on a very windy cold hill top, but it was a Steam Fair and of course had all the usual razzmatazz with it.

Nearer to home Burton Agnes saw the rest of our branch out, so all in all again Brid & Wolds were out there promoting the classics!


Sue  & Lotti

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