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Drive-it Day

Host Day

Hi Guys,

Well the season seems to have started with a swing now. We have quite a few outings under our belts, some have been drier than others but all very enjoyable just getting together.

Our Host Day was a great success, so thanks to all those who attended and to Steve who organised it.

Talking of Steve, Burton Fleming Scarecrow Festival Committee have asked him to approach our Branch to see if we will support their festival with a display of our cars on August Bank Holiday Monday – I know it’s some time away but if you can give it some thought, Chris, Pebbles and I will be going. There is more about the Scarecrow Festival on our website.

Our June meeting will be our Annual Treasure Hunt Night. Once again Pam has been kind enough to take the time to organise this for us so it will be good if we get as many cars coming along as possible. Every one is welcome. We are starting off again in Hutton Cranswick in the same place as last year, and ofcourse we will be ending up at a pub for a meal. I have put the menu on the website and there will be a copy at the meeting. The pub would like an indication of numbers and food. Pebbles is really looking forward to it as Pam has told her she is welcome in the pub. Very civilised!

Talking of Pebbles she is suffering from a very small ulcer on her right eyeball which has caused her some discomfort – she has been and seen a nice lady vet who has given her some cream but we are having to monitor the situation, and ofcourse she is non too keen to have this gunk as she calls it sploshed into her eye twice a day!

We went to Malton Poultry Auctions a couple of weeks ago as Chris fancied a Cockerel to go with our ‘girls’, so we set off with a big box in the back of the car ‘just in case’. There were some really handsome ‘big boys’ strutting around and crowing but what took our eye was three small highly coloured little Cocks with big feathery feet. We went to the desk and were given a card with a number on it so that we could join the auction proceedings. So having decided that these were the ones we would bid on we had a discussion of who should hold the card when the auction started. Being total novices at this sort of thing we had no idea of what these birds would cost, anyway I got cold feet as I knew I would get carried away and end up bidding something silly like £50 for them (then wouldn’t I be in bother)!!!!!! 

It’s all very exciting, and when our lot was called there seemed to be loads of people bidding on our little birds, it is really difficult to hear as well as it is so noisy. I held my breath while Chris kept sticking our number in the air – we won them, they are called Peking Partridges I suppose it’s because they are so colourful.

They have settled in nicely now with the ‘girls’ we have Cheeky Boy who was out straight away followed by Middleton (Middleton on the Wolds) he’s always in the middle and Billy (Billy no Mates) who tends to stay very near to home on his own!

Happy Days!!!!

Sue & Pebbles x

Drive-it Day

Host Day

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