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Sue’s Scribbles May 2011

Hi Guys,


Since the last time of writing I have acquired a new Series11 1952 Tourer in Empire Green. It was given a certificate of Authenticity in 2007 by Ray Newell but there is no history previous to that. She has been modified with the installation of a 1098 engine, grill, rear lights and indicators. Her underside has been very well restored as has her body which just requires a little cosmetic touch up here and there. A new hood and recovering of the seats and she will be a picture!! I can’t wait to get out on the road!!

Pam’s 50th party was a real blast, it was the best party that we have been to in years and everyone who attended made a fantastic effort with their outfits. Our branch members turned out as Bob (Ian) the Builder complete with bucket and tools. Paul and Sheena as Pirates of the Caribbean – after lending them the DVD I must say Paul made a really stunning Johnny Depp!! Chris and Keith looked the ‘picture’ of the 40’s fashion stakes. Steve and Jody went retro 50’s. Tim was the Knave of the piece Sir Walter Raleigh style – sporting a lovely pair of legs!!! Pam just looked marvellous as a Burlesque Beauty. I had encouraged my Chris to grow his hair for the event so that I could turn him into Johnny Rotten with a very passable, if curly Mohican! Last but not least, me as Charlie Chaplin. There were more pirate themes, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s, serving wenches,

assorted characters from The Wizard of Oz and Mad Hatters Tea Party to name but a few. We danced the night away to a traditional Irish Folk band, with a caller telling us what to do it, was funny, fast and frantic to say the least and I am sure there was many a toe trodden on in the melee!!  We were treated to some small well rehearsed sketches which had us all rolling around laughing. Like I say it was a really great party.

Did you all enjoy the festivities of the Royal Wedding? (I confess I sat and watched until just after ‘the kiss’) our villagers all met up at The Trout for a meal that evening – a sort of late Street Party but again very enjoyable and we learned quite a lot about the history of our house and it’s previous occupants.

May Day saw us at the Pink Pig, North Lincs branch rally. The weather was sunny and warm this year, which was a good job as we were unable to get the gazebo into the saloon as it was too big (one good thing about an LCV Moggie). Chris, Lotti, Charli and I along with Mike and his two dogs met up with Norman and Jean in the Humber Bridge car park and made our way over to the ‘other side’, where we made camp with Big Bri his friend Steve who was at our rally last year, along with Chris and Keith with Brodie, so our branch was well represented. Mike Dean also joined our camp so it was a laughter filled day to say the least. We were presented with Burger King Crowns to wear as the theme of the day was Royalty, a Princess competition was held and a steam organ played away in the background. There were also some singing Muppet type characters that kept us entertained. A good rally and a friendly crowd.

I know some of us are off to Elsecar, Barnsley rally on Sunday, this is one of our favourite rallies of the year as there are all the craft stalls and antique fairs going on, mind you all it does is encourage me to spend money (normally Chris’s)!– hey ho, more about that next scribbles.

Hope to see you at the meeting on Monday night when I am sure there will be something going on!

Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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