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Hi everyone, March has come in like a lamb….will it go out like a lion I wonder…..

I suppose one of the biggest bits of news from our household this month is that we have got a new addition, a little friend for Pebbles. I am sure most of you know that Tessa our oldest German Shepherd sadly had to be put to sleep in January because of chronic heart problems at the age of 12. Chris and I had discussed getting another small dog so when we dropped across a sign that said Jack Russell pups for sale we just had to go and have a look! This ofcourse was fatal as we were never going to come away without one! We could have brought all three of the little girls home!! However we managed to contain ourselves and really their was no contest it just had to be the little white one with the long legs and a spot on her head. This is now our Smarti. Pebbles treats her with distain for the most part but on the whole allows her to share most things and stamp all over her in bed, so under the circumstances has taken to her really well as she always been the spoilt ‘baby’ of the Akrill clan!!!!

Talking of lambs, well sheep actually, we had another invasion of about 25 who came strolling into our fields last week. Chris is getting rather good at rounding them up now, he secured them in the chuck paddock so that they were safe and didn’t stray onto the road and cause any problems. It was then a case of finding the owner!! We are members of the Farmwatch group which is a marvellous communication by text with all farms in the surrounding area. It alerts the community of illegal poaching, rustling and the stealing of farm machinery etc. We never realised that rural communities have their own set of problems with ‘hooligans’ Chris and I were just used to drunks fighting on the Promenade on a night also the boy racers screaming round the car park opposite and the headaches that they caused. So it just shows wherever you live these sort of people will surface but just in different disguises. Any way once a message was put out the sheep were identified by their rightful owner and collected a couple of days later. I must admit though while they were here it was nice looking out of our kitchen window and seeing them ambling about. I sound terribly sad I know but always being a ‘Townie’ these things just fascinate me……..

After the last meeting our new branch Secretary is in place and his details are on the website. I know that most of you know Mike already, but for those of you who don’t I am convinced he will do an excellent job in his new post.

Just a gentle reminder for anyone who hasn’t paid their subs yet, I am sure Paul would be grateful if you could contact him so that he can keep his records in order.

I have had a letter from Anita Braithwaite the Secretary of the Burton Fleming Enhancement Committee inviting us back again this year on August Bank Holiday Monday to display the cars as it was such a great attraction last year, hopefully it can be a date in your diaries.

Not long now and hopefully we will all be out and about again – quite exciting really…..

Hope to see most of you tonight.

Sue & Pebbles xx

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