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Chairman's Notes  -  March 2008

Hi Guys,

March is here and all the daffodils are showing their little yellow faces, just in time for the wind to turn gale force and knock them for six! I often think that Spring flowers have some sort of masochistic tendencies…………anyway moving swiftly on, next month and we will be doing our first MM based fund raising event for our Million Mile Challenge. Pam has got 30 places booked in the restaurant for our Daffodil Day Run lunch on Sunday 13th April, if there are any of you out there who haven’t let her know that you are wanting lunch at The Black Lion now is the time to do it as Monday nights meeting is the cut off point for the restaurant, mind you all won’t be lost as I am told they do excellent bar meals too! We have had a lot of interest in this run so lets hope that we treat ‘Old Joe Public’ to a nice Sunday Spectacle of  great cars, I have a feeling that we are all going to enjoy it very much and it is quite special when you know that the end result is to help other people.

Sheena has had a great success with the Easter Egg since our last meeting and she has got all the squares filled so that is our first money in the coffers. The Egg will be at Mondays meeting and Sheena will be drawing the winners name. Lets hope the White Horse has done as well with its egg square sales………….

Doris our Pick-Up was in Driffield Market Place on Thursday, she was being looked after by the Marie Curie ladies who had their annual fund raising stall there for the day, specially washed and polished for the outing she apparently drew a crowd all day, and Julie who was in charge of her keys even thought about kidnapping her and driving off to Whitby for fish and chips!!!!

We have been promised a space for a Diamonds are Forever Bear at The Trout Inn after Easter. If anyone has an idea or a local that might take a Bear for us shout up.

Changing the subject Chris and I have had twelve new additions to the ‘Family’ – some Chucks! They are fab and so tame, as soon as they hear our voices them come rushing towards us making all their chicken noises………..yes I know I sound a bit daft but I am a ‘Towney’ the nearest I have come to chucks is Tesco pre wrapped…………and no ours aren’t for eating just for lovely fresh free range eggs. They are doing a good job too. We have made sure that they have a nice warm, safe roost for night time, hopefully totally fox proof, with all the wire netting it looks a bit like Colditz! Mind you we did read in an article that one way to make it secure is that male urine sprinkled round the outside of the chicken run stops

foxes crossing the threshold……………..any one heard about that before? If you have please let me know………..  Strange people country folk!

Well I hope to see you all at the meeting on Monday, if not on Sunday 13th April Daffodil Day Run – for more details on where to meet ect. Click here

Take care

Sue & Pebbles x

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