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Sue’s Scribbles March 2011

Hi Guys,

Hopefully you all got my email about the DVLA scam that is circulating on email. If not get in touch and I will give you the details.

I must apologise for there being no Branch News in the March/April edition of Minor Matters, unfortunately I was too late sending in my copy. I have no excuse other than work and time overtook me I’m afraid………

Chris and I went to our first rally of the year at the Museum of Transport in Manchester. As always this is a very popular event and time to catch up with a lot of folk that we haven’t seen since last year. This year there were more cars than ever, so it just shows what a popular rally this is. The chap who is the curator moves out several of the classic buses to make room inside for around thirty cars. Luckily we were pre booked as it works on a first come first served basis to secure a parking spot in the museum. We were the last ones in, but there were at least ten cars parked outside. We went over in the pale blue two door that we have christened Nikki.  On the Wednesday before Chris was installing a new gear box only to then find that the clutch was jiggered as well! That meant a quick phone call to Yvonne at Tom Roy to get one sent out asap! Thankfully it arrived the next day, the new gear box was removed again, clutch duly installed and all was well. Chris being the joker he is had already filled out the rally card before we left and in the ‘points of interest’ box he had written ‘We Got Here’! I did say that it was tempting fate but as he pointed out no one would see it if we didn’t arrive! I began to doubt that we would get there as when we set off out of the drive we had a tremendous ‘knocking’ from the back of the car. Now my husband has got into the ‘hands on’ mechanic bit he cheerfully told me that it was rusty springs and they would free off once we got going for a while. I was sceptical as it sounded like the front of the car was going to go down the road without the back end……Oh she of little faith, infact the knocking soon stopped and she drove like a dream so we were both well pleased although a new set of  wiper blades are in order as they have defiantly seen better days as we found out going over Saddleworth Moor……

We have just come back from a weekend in Lincoln celebrating ‘Big Brian’s’ 60th birthday. We had a brilliant time, but then we always do when we descend on Rosie and Sandy’s place! Brian had booked his party at their local (which we all use as regulars when we are there) The Duke of Wellington – but more commonly known to us as The Duke of Boot. The week preceding was a bit of a roller coaster for our little band of party goers……..firstly Dave Cooks Mum died suddenly, on the Tuesday Chris and Keith had a really bad fire in their garage which destroyed amongst a lot of other things their new convertible Moggie Clarie consequently Keith ended up in hospital with smoke inhalation, but he thankfully wasn’t too bad. Paul and Sheena should have been going with us but Sheena got a cancellation appointment to have here Gall Bladder removed on the Thursday. Then Malcolm and Dorothy came down with a stomach bug and had to cry off altogether! Saturday the rest of us went for the traditional trip into Skegness and a tour of the tat shops and walk along the front. In the end there were fifteen on Saturday night and we had a great time. As you will see from the photos dress was optional………..

Chris and I are going down to the Open Day at the MM Headquarters in Derby on Sunday 27th of this month. The place has had a full refurbishment so it will be interesting to see the changes, Ray Newell will be on hand with a contingent of MMOC officials who I am sure will be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have. We are going in the modern so if any members would like to go and have a look as well we can perhaps meet up and go in convoy.

All the information that we have is on the events page, but if there are any events that you know are happening that aren’t there please let Chris know at the meeting, preferably if you could also write it down that would be helpful.

We are busy planning our year, Drive it Day is on 17th April and we have already put our entries in for the Northern Regional 21st 22nd May in the North East, West Yorkshire branch 5th June at Nostell Priory – neither of us has been to this venue, but it is supposed to be lovely and the Roses Run for starters. We will be going to the National Rally at Knebworth, but this will be in the modern and caravan.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.

 Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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