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Sue’s Scribbles June 2010

Hi Guys,

Most of you who came out on our very well attended Fish & Chip dash to Stamford Bridge last month will know that Doris our Pick Up had suddenly (well I suppose in hind sight it may have been coming on a while) become terminally ill and required an immediate transplant of both engine and gear box. In all the years that we have owned her 2nd gear has never worked but along with other little foibles in a vehicle of her age we lovingly put up with it, but now the time had come for major surgery!

We came along in my Spitfire, as we set off in convoy from Paul and Sheena’s it was lovely sunshine, the top was down and we were just commenting on how pleasant it was when the sun decided to go behind a huge black cloud…….it didn’t spoil the gathering though and we had 8 cars turn up to the car park on the riverside. The fish and chips were really very good and after retiring to the pub for an hour (the toilets have been demolished, so another good reason to go for a pint)! We set off home around 10ish , it was quite dark by this time and really cold. Chris was driving and by the time we got home his hands were blue and almost frozen to the steering wheel!! Needless to say a very large Grouse soon cured the problem!

We also took the Spit to Elsecar to the Barnsley Rally – they were doing a classic bike display so Chris took the East Riding Koi van with our ‘Granville’ bike in the back. The original idea was to put it in the Pick Up but as you can imagine it just wouldn’t go in the Spit no matter how hard we might try…….we had 3 cars and the bike go along to what always proves to be a very popular venue. For those of you who haven’t ever been to the Elsecar Heritage Centre you are really missing a good days outing, there is every thing from two huge Antiques centres to a very good furniture building, this year there was also a car boot. The rally this year also in cooperated Concours, so Richard Lee and his partner Chris were doing their first major judging of the year.

In my ‘official’ role as Area 1 Liaison Officer I was invited to hand out the prizes and you could have knocked me down with a feather when Chris Haigh presented me with the ‘Classic Car’ Shield for the Spitfire!!!! This was all done by everyone who attended judging the best alternative classic there. It will have my name on it on a little silver plaque, I hand the Shield in next year but get to keep a very nice little trophy as a memento. I also picked up another super antique 1935 coffee service it is black and gold very Art Deco!!!

The Barnsley branch meeting at the end of May was a good night out as well, some of the Manchester branch came to join us with their ‘Feely Bags’ (I will explain this more at our meeting, it might appeal to us to do something similar) we also had an inter branch quiz – sadly we lost by 1 point. Anyway the guests went home a happy crew!

The end of this month ofcourse sees Chris, Lotti and I at the National Rally at Harewood House, Mike is going for the day on Sunday and hopefully Norman and Jean will also be there. As we have in the past couple of years Chris and I will be helping out where we can usually with Chris and Keith at the booking in point. Because the Pick up is poorly Chris intends taking Bertha as there is going to be a display of the ‘big’ Morris Commercials, this means me towing the caravan with the BMW. I have never towed anything but the trailer tent before and that was only once from down the road at Driffield Steam Fair – so watch this space!!!

Sheena and her Morris, Maurice have found fame for his restoration, there is a superb two part article in Classic Car World - full colour pics and the whole story behind her love of the Morris Minor and of how it all came about.......



Sue  & Lotti  XX

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