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Sue’s Scribbles July 2010

Hope these scribbles find you all well and making the most of the lovely weather we’ve been having, lets hope it lasts until the end of the year!!

We have been out and about quite a lot since we saw you last, firstly at the Barnsley Branch annual BBQ at Chris and Keith Haigh’s, it was a really good night and lots of branch members attended, munching their way through mountains of burgers, sausages, kebabs and salad all laid on out of branch funds. How about making our August meeting a BBQ?

The Haigh’s have got a new addition to their household by the name of Brodie, a cutsie black bundle of fir that will grow into a Scottish Terrier! No doubt you will all be seeing her at our meeting.

Then Chris, Lotti and I were at Harewood House for the weekend of the National Rally at the end of June as part of the Rally Team. What a brilliant time we had there. The venue was the best we have been to for a National yet.

As we still have no Pick Up on the road Chris took Bertha the MRA 1 Commercial. As I mentioned last scribbles I was down for towing the caravan – my first time of towing and if I do say so myself it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I only had one scary moment on the way back when some twerp who couldn’t wait for a second decided to try and undercut me coming onto a roundabout…….anyway luckily there was no contact of vehicles!

We arrived Thursday night ready for the set up on Friday with Chris and Keith who had arrived earlier in the day, Christine bless her heart had a very welcome glass of ‘vino collapso’ ready to put into our hands while we settled in. The view from where we were camping looked down over the camp field and was totally unobstructed, (no one but organisers had arrived) the weather was stunning and there was a cricket match being played – all very old fashioned country life, is was lovely. My only hick up was that we had left in such a hurry I had forgotten to take the curry I had made for supper out of the fridge at home so horror of horror we had to go to the local pub instead!!!!

It was a very busy day Friday and the site soon started to fill up with happy campers. One of the high lights of the weekend was watching the Red Kites (birds of prey) these birds were virtually extinct but Harewood started a breeding program and it has proved very successful – the only thing about them is they do get a bit cheeky! They made an attempt at stealing our BBQ but as it was still on the coals it was too hot to grab although one chap had a chicken leg literally snatched from his hand!!! There longevity is around 20 years and are quite small bodied but with a whopping wing span of almost two metres which makes them very impressive indeed at close quarters….

Saturday was a full day of booking in campers and everyone was working flat out, this year though I must say we had very few moans (that I heard) about the facilities, there were really good showers that Harewood provided, although I find it incredible that people will leave their empty shampoo, shower gel bottles etc for the next person to have to move. I am sure they would be the first to complain – I was always brought up to leave something as you found it! Still never mind…..

The theme for the weekend was the Old West Gold Rush, we had a mock up village of that era in the middle of the site where there were daily re-enactments of a cattle rustling battle with guns and riffles loudly cracking off making every one jump, also a full blown Indian Tepee and village.

Saturday night was party night – fancy dress was optional, but lots of people made the effort, there was line dancing and Ho Downs, all very strenuous stuff especially in the heat but it was a fantastic night, Chris and I were there as Klondike Bill and Klondike Kate (see pics) we were sat with among others Paul and Peter from Madmog Branch and as you will see by the photos we had an absolute scream!!!!

Sunday was Rally day and Chris and I were down to judge the LCVs, but before that there was time to do the auto jumble and visit Tomroy. Mike arrived in his Rover with his girls and we caught up with Norman, Jean and Tom wandering around looking for bargains, Tom and Jill had been on Saturday too so perhaps he had bagged all the best bits then! It was really good to see members from our branch attending as the National doesn’t get any closer than it was this year. Paul and Sheena would have been there but Sheen was doing her Race for Life which she completed in around 30 minutes So Well Done to her and all her family that took part.

I was very impressed with my husband when he was doing his LCV judging, I was amazed at the things he kept pointing out, the judging is done on a strict points system awarded for exterior body, underneath chassis etc, interior and engine. I just walked around learning and writing down the scores, he did get into one or two discussions with the owners and it took longer and was harder than I thought it would be. Lotti bless here kept laying underneath the vehicles while Chris was inspecting them to get out of the blazing heat but it looked like she was trying to help!!

The InterBranch Challenge was going to be undoing a wheel and putting it on in the fastest time but it was thought too unsafe to do this as the base was not going to be steady enough, so it was a wheel boule through a chicane of cones. There were only three teams taking part, the Irish who as always were rearing to go, a mixed team of three branches and the National Rally Team of which I was one along with Andrew Stone, Dave Cook and Angie Mitchell, I apparently cheated but I didn’t realise……anyway it was all very academic because the Irish romped home in record time and we trailed in last!

People started to de camp and leave and soon there were very few of them left, a lot had gone home to grieve over the England performance (although NE Lancashire brought their own portable telly along) so the whole site was informed of the score……..

The Rally Team always go for an after Rally meal and this year because we were so close to home we managed to get too as we were near enough to set off early doors Monday morning for work.

A brilliant weekend!!!

This last weekend there were 5 of B&W at the Mansfield Branch Madmog Rally at Rufford Abby County Park. This is a lovely place owned and run by their local council and for once all credit to a council it is a super venue, very picturesque and extremely interesting. It was also another scorcher and great fun!

Our own rally is only two weeks away, we have a lot of entries already and a lot of people coming for the weekend if you haven’t booked in with Chris there is still time to do it.

Sue  & Lotti  XX

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