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due to weather conditions

Happy New Year to you all!!!

As you will see from the Head Line we have decided that the weather is just too bad to expect you to turn out on Monday night for our AGM. (Hopefully everyone will have received an e-mail and a phone call from either myself or Paul). Although in saying that I have just spoken to Janet in Withernsea and James is disgusted because there is not enough snow to make a decent snowman!! I invited him here to Wansford where he can build his own army of them if he wants to!!!

I do love the snow as I really think that it is seasonal, but now even I am beginning to think that enough is enough! My Father in Law always take us out for our birthdays (bless him) so mine being the 22nd December we went 'next door' to The Trout Inn (where we had our Christmas 'do' last year). We were almost the only ones there they had, had so many cancellations because of the snow - infact  Pops dropped us off and then called back at the pub to pick up a couple that lived in his village and ferried them home (he has a 4x4 by the way) It took poor Chris and Pebbles two hours to get back from our shop in Bridlington, a journey of around 20 minutes under normal conditions. The upside, we managed to get over to the Barnsley Branch Party on the 10th December, as I have said before their Christmas Parties are the best you can just be a 'kid' again in an adult world!!!!! Chris managed to sit on Father Christmas's knee for the first time in years! Then despite all the snow we actually managed to get over to Barnsley again on the 30th to a 'pre' New Year Party at Chris and Keith's. At home we saw the whole thing in very quietly by playing virtual bowls and then the fire works off the telly on the Thames Embankment.  

All our dogs love the snow!! Note the resident 'wolves' enjoying one of their walks!!!

The Rocking Chair Pebbles got for Christmas has been well used!!!


Chris has collated some wintery scenes as you will see......

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti xx

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