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Christmas has now come and gone again and all the decs are put away for another year, we managed to get through it with no major hic-ups. Chris, Pebbles and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Barnsley just before Christmas, we stayed at Chris and Keith Haigh’s for the weekend and were thoroughly spoilt, firstly their branch party which is always a good ‘do’. Saturday a trip to Meadow Hall and on the Sunday a wonderful tour of the Derbyshire Peak district, all this despite as we now know poor Keith having pneumonia!! Christmas Day was the usual eating and drinking affair, we had Chris’s Dad and his Labrador Sammy and Mike and his Jack Russell also a Sammy with us so our day was a very pleasant family affair. On Boxing Day we even went to see the Hunt Meeting at Driffield Show Ground (something I thought I would never do) but it was quite spectacular with around 70 horses and riders in all their glorious colours.

 New Year brought a slight trauma to the Akrill household though as Chris and his beloved Navara came to grief with the central reservation on the A1 complete with a loaded 18’ trailer because of a tyre blow out. The Navara and trailer plus contents came out of it in a heap but luckily Chris walked away without the proverbial scratch…….

Pebbles has had to have an operation on her eye as the ulcer she has been fighting all year just hasn’t given up. At the moment and for the next few weeks she is relegated to wearing on of those lampshade collars to protect it as her eyeball has been scraped and sewn up (not a pretty sight poor little thing) and more eye drops which will only be tolerated for a titbit of Spam!!!

We also lost one of the chucks to a predator, we don’t think it was a Fox as all the others were ok more likely a Stoat. The joys of country living……

I hope that the New Year has started well for you all. I know that one or two of our members have had the dreaded flu bug over the holidays but are now on the road to recovery……

At the last meeting we had the Marie Curie ladies with us and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I had a really nice phone call to say how much they had appreciated being invited to our events all year and what a good time they had had with us and our Moggies. Also ofcourse they were more than pleased with the cheques one from Bridlington and Wolds for £831.00 and the other kindly donated to them by Tom.

I was so pleased when one of our Branch members Sheena had the winning ticket for Normans lovely portrayal of an MM that we had been raffling all year, it couldn’t have found a better home.

Tonight is our Branch AGM with a recap of all the years’ events and of course the election of officers. Hopefully it won’t be too boring and we can get the business out of the way fairly quickly and then resume the normal club evening.

Chris is keeping the events diary updated but if there is an event that you know of that he doesn’t please do say and he will post it up there.

Lets hope that we get a better motoring season weather wise this year and that we can get the Moggies on the road and get out and about in some sunshine instead of the rain as it did spoil many good events last year.

Take care.

 Sue &  a very sad Pebbles xx


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