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CHAIRMAN'S CHAT February 2009

February and winter is here with a vengeance, admittedly we aren’t having it as bad as some places in the country but it has still caused us all a few problems I am sure. We have had parcels that haven’t been able to be delivered on time because courier depots have been snowed in or the roads have been too bad to drive on. Danni and I seem to have been fending off disappointed customers since it started!! Not to mention the ones who are panicking because their fish ponds have been frozen solid and covered in snow. As yet there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…….  Still, we can only look forward and hope for better weather in the spring and summer, and if the old saying that you need a hard winter to get a good summer is true we should all be laughing in the end……hopefully…..

I am sure that everyone who went enjoyed our Christmas ‘do’ at The Crown and Anchor, Pebbles had just had the stitches out of her eye from her operation so was feeling (and looking) so much better so she thoroughly enjoyed going and thought it was a most civilised place as they had allowed her to party with the rest of us. A big thank you must go to both Paul for arranging and driving our borrowed mini bus on the night and Norman who initially made contact with Shirley at the pub and started the ‘ball rolling’.

There are some pics of the event but unfortunately I managed to alter the setting on my camera at some point so some of the best ones are blurred…….but perhaps looking at a couple of Chris and Sheena it was a good thing!

Chris’s Dad has almost got his new house in order with much coming and going between our house and his, but at present he is still staying with us so we seem to have had the house full just lately…….it will be quite strange when we drop back down to just the two of us…..

It was the Area 1 meeting yesterday (Sunday) in Cleckheaton and it was the election of officers. I can report to you that after a technicality brought up by East Yorkshire Branch I am now the interim Liaison Officer for our area, I say interim – this is until the next meeting of Area 1 when my position will be officially ratified. As most of our Branch members are aware we do have a new Wolds Branch Secretary waiting to be officially voted in at tonight’s meeting.

Sue & a much happier Pebbles xx

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