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Sue’s Scribbles February 2010

Hi all,

Firstly some sad news to give you, Alfie, Paul and Sheena’s lovely black Labrador suddenly developed health problems in January and has had to be put to sleep. Alfie had been a camping companion to Pebbles on many Morris Minor trips over the last few years. His always wagging tail getting him into trouble on several occasions for knocking, drinks or BBQ on to the grass (in the case of BBQ to be hastily gobbled up as a ‘real good steal’)!! I am sure that all our thoughts are with Paul and Sheena at this sad time.

In this still very cold weather I hope you are all well and managing to keep warm, I will be so glad when all this cold is behind us, when people tell me that they enjoy the cold winter months I for one think they are totally mad!

Did you all see the superb article in Minor Matters of our branch taking part in the Bar to Bar Run, Beverley to The Bay Filey last year? Chris Haigh was the author and didn’t she cover it well! There were also some excellent photos, so don’t forget put it in your diary for this year (it is in the events calendar on the website) If you haven’t seen Minor Matters I will bring my copy to the meeting as it is well worth a look.

Thanks to all of you who came on the post Christmas ‘do’ at The John Paul Jones, Filey. We had an excellent meal and were really given the ‘4 Star’ treatment by Scott and his team. A real shame for those who for one reason or another had to miss out, but I am sure that we will be going back there again.

On a happier note for Sheena, she is also going to be in print and picture this year in a different publication, Classic Car World Magazine. Sheena with the restoration and rebuild of her four door Trafalgar Blue saloon, affectionately known as Maurice. The article we think is coming out some time in the summer, but I am sure that when it does we will be well informed!!

Chris and I are going to the Manchester Branch Winter Rally on the 28th of this month at the Greater Manchester Transport Museum, I did bring some forms for this last year but there is still time to book in if you would like to go. This will be the first time that we have been but everyone I have spoken to says that it is a really good event and well worth the drive, don’t forget you can still attend even in a modern car as long as you pay your rally fee, but you will have to use an alternative parking area and not with the classics (for obvious reasons)!!!!

Then the next ‘big’ event for our area is The Northern Regional Rally on the 25th April (Drive it Day), I will be able to give more in-depth details after the Area 1 meeting on the 21st of this month.

Hope to see you all at the meeting on Monday night, I shall be a few minutes last but Chris and the girls will be there as usual.

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti


Since writing my Scribbles for February Chris and I have had a tragedy of our own. Our beloved Pebbles has had to be put to sleep. In November we found two tiny lumps in her tummy that ultimately because she was an un-spayed bitch turned out to be cancer in her womb. She kept going like the good little ‘Soldier’ that she was, but in her last few days she became increasingly unhappy and we knew that the time had come…..

She was a fully paid up member of the MMOC for seven years, there were very few events that she didn’t attend and hardly anywhere she didn’t get into (even if is was in a hold all)! she attended the National AGM for the last few years and ofcourse always paid full attention to Mr Newell and Mr Frye!!! Even our Minor Matters magazine came in her name as well as ours.

She had a following outside of the MMOC too, we have had people who over the years that have visited our website then emailed after reading about here travels. I know that she will be missed by an awful lot of people, infact some people new her better than us!!!!


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