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Sue’s Scribbles February 2011

Hi Guys,

 Firstly it was good to see you all at our Christmas Meal and hopefully it was a great success and I'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves. Our thanks to Tom for arranging it.

February all ready,  and I for one feel like the year is rattling along, in one way far too quickly…..ah well they do say the older you get the quicker time goes, Policemen look younger etc, scary isn’t it? The nights and mornings are getting lighter thank goodness so I am feeling less like a mole. Unfortunately I have inflicted my dislike of the short dark winter days onto poor Chris now so we both find ourselves mooching about feeling more than a bit grumpy!

Last meeting for anyone who missed it was ofcourse our branch AGM. At least this year we could make it to the pub, all passed off smoothly. Mike resigned as Secretary after two years because of health issues and he often finds it hard to get to meetings. He was given a vote of thanks for stepping into the breach when we needed the post filled. We have now welcomed Tom on to the committee in the role of Secretary and I am sure he will do a fantastic job. Paul remains our Treasurer with a little help from his very own secretary Sheena! And I was re-elected as Chairman, my Chris remains as Rally organiser and web master. Hopefully we will have another good year, our branch is quite sound financially which is good news and on quick reflection of the last year showed that in the eyes of our members we are keeping something like on track..

Chris and I went over to  the Lincolnshire branch meeting near Woodall Spa to catch up with Brian Clarke from South Africa (Mad Odyssey) fame who was over here hoping to drive his MM 'Floppy' on the reverse route back home but because of all the trouble in Egypt and the Sudan he has decided to fly back and 'Floppy' will now go home to South Africa in a container.  Unbeknown to us it was their AGM too, not that it mattered as we were made very welcome, Keith and Chris H met us there and we had a bar meal together first. It is always interesting to see how other branches approach things, and I was well impressed with how organised they are! We handed out some forms for our Rally so we felt we have also made a start for the coming year.

My little Tommi Tourer is stripped down and ready for some restoration and a paint job. We seem to have this thing in our house about good intentions – everything ends up in bits all at once. Doris the Pick Up still needs a good dollop of TLC before she is ready to roll again and now we are looking at putting a gear box in Nikki the saloon so that at least we have one Minor on the road this year!  I am sure they will all get done eventually…….I did get Chris Ray Newels new book about the full restoration of a Minor Million for Chris for  Christmas in the hope that it would give him some inspiration. Although he did panic when he opened the parcel as he thought I was after a Million for the collection as well!

Our meeting night falls on the 14th, Valentines Day, I hope we all remembered! What a palaver this card business is – not that I’m tight but I really object to being almost forced into taking out a bank loan to buy a decent one. I gave Chris strict instructions no flowers as much as I love them they are also a rip off for Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc……….white lilies are my thing anyway not roses. I always think back to my poor old Nan when she was alive, she lived with us and her sight wasn’t too good (mind you she was 99)! One night she had dozed off after her supper, we had lit our church candles all round the lounge and I had two huge vases of white lilies on the hearth and ofcourse they do smell rather pungent……she woke up with a jump and thought she had died, started to call for my granddad to come and meet her (he had been dead for about ten years) then she totally freaked when I spoke to her as she thought I was dead too! It took quite a while to calm her down I can tell you, I’m surprised she didn’t pass over with the shock! Needless to say we didn’t repeat that experience while she was still alive!

Hopefully see you all at our meeting, don’t forget we are looking for ideas for meeting nights, all contributions gratefully accepted!!!!

 Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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