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When you are reading this I hope that you will all be ready for Christmas – cards written and posted, parcels wrapped, the house decorated and the proverbial Turkey ordered…….

If you have done all this then you are streets ahead of me!!

I live with a ‘Bah Humbug’ man, and I think that goes for a lot of us girls out there, if it wasn’t for us then Christmas just wouldn’t ‘happen’! Mind you I am reliably informed that Jewellers love these men as they make more money on Christmas Eve between 3.30 and 5.30pm than any other time of the year!!!!!! (I do hasten to add Chris is a little more organized than this)……..

I love Christmas and the build up to it as a rule although this year it seems to be hurtling towards me with no breaks…………..I still haven’t got all the pressies sorted and my inspiration seems to have got up and gone! And there always seems to be someone you forget…….

Then as always the issue of Christmas Dinner comes into play at our house, I want a Vegetarian Feast and the other half insists on Turkey. For just the two of us we always seem to get a bird that would feed half of the county – so we end up with a freezer full of Turkey Curry and Turkey Pie that lasts for most of the next year, we also have some very well fed dogs lolling about!!

Anyway I am sure that it will all fall into place and if it doesn’t, so what, life is just too short!

I did manage to get Chris to the Advent Service at Wansford – it was linked with the Real Aide Shoe Box Appeal for needy children overseas, so armed with our shoe boxes and Mum in-Law we had a very pleasant hour in this very pretty little Church. (I might even get him to the Carol Service now)! The Spirit of Christmas may be taking hold after all!!!

Chris, Pebbles and I are going to the Barnsley Branch annual Christmas party on the 13th December, this ‘do’ is always really good fun and well put on so we are looking forward to getting well into the spirit of things there, Pebbles enjoys this particular party as she always gets her own share of the buffet and a gift from Santa to boot…………

Of course there is still time to let me know if you would like to come to our own Branch post Christmas bash on Friday 25th January at the Trout Inn. Up to now I think there are around 20 of us so we should have a good night out!

Tonight’s meeting may be a little sparse as I know people at this time of the year are busy doing other things, but if I can just quickly remind everyone that our AGM is the January meeting and it would be good if most members could attend.

So on that note………

Chris, Pebbles and I would like to wish you all a Happy, Peaceful and Stress Free Christmas!

Sue & Pebbles x

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