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Sue’s Christmas Scribbles

Hi Guys,

Second attempt! Being the Techno Phobe I am I have written half of this once already but then I seem to have stored it in the wrong place on the computer for Chris to find!!! Now I can’t find it either!!

Since we saw each other last in November Chris and I have once again been down at the Classic Car Show in Birmingham for the weekend helping to man the MMOC stand. It was a really busy but fun few days. This year the show had more people visit than ever which is surprising when we are in the grip of recession as tickets and parking for it aren’t cheap. We had a record number of visitors on the stand and we gained a considerable amount of new members so the interest in the Morris Minor is still going strong!

The MMOC was presented with the ‘Best Club Magazine’ of the year award which is really brilliant, but I must say that in the past several years that we have been actively involved the MMOC always manage to win some sort of award! This award was justly deserved as the National magazine has gone through a great transition period and is now a very slick publication thanks to the retiring editor Stephen Morris and I am sure the incoming editor Nicola Parsons will carry this onward.

 This years show had a different ‘Stewardship’ to the past few years so the format took a different turn with very crisp clean lines and the emphasis almost totally on the cars and not the back drop.  We had a wonderful show of cars and LCV’s. Chris and I were both riveted by Gillian Shaw’s lovely van which has had a full restoration by Charles Wear. If only Mabel looked like this!! There was also the very handsome MM van of Keith Lock’s.

We were in the Hall with the Autojumble and this year there was an amazing diversity of stalls selling almost everything from pottery (nothing to do with cars) to slinky underwear to shoes – oh some of the shoes were fab, anyone who knows me knows that I have a shoe fetish to rival Imelda Markos. I ended up with a gorgeous pair of ankle breakers! 7” Zebra Stripe Heel, 11/2” platform black suede with gold studs and ankle straps!! Even if I never wear them they are beautiful to look at!!

Christmas is now coming fast – very fast I thought I was extremely well organised and then HELP its just a few days away and I seem to have loads to fit in besides work. The Christmas Turkey battle has raged yet again and again the Turkey with the whole thing of legs and wings has won the day and will be duly placed in the AGA on Christmas Eve. I do have a Turkey Crown in the freezer but that will live to see another frozen day.

Chris and I have been to our alternative branch (cannot be missed Christmas Party) at Barnsley. Their Branch Christmas Party was one of the first things that we ever went to after joining the MMOC and we have been nearly every year since! This year I was invited to play the Fairy Godmother in ‘Cinderella a 5 minute pantomime’ this is one of the most hilarious things to take part in and I enjoyed every minute! We also had a five minute playlet of Peter Pan and Wendy equally funny with a fantastic Crocodile cut out (designed very cleverly by the very artistic Barrie M) which devoured the hapless Captain Hook. Games like Pin on the Body Parts, and naming scenes in Yorkshire with cryptic clues. All very silly but highly enjoyable fun.

Don’t forget our Branch AGM is at the next meeting on the 11th January 2010. I will send out reminders beforehand.

Our Christmas ‘do’ is on the following Saturday 16th January, if I haven’t seen you and you would like to come please give me a ring. My number is on the contacts page.

All that remains is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year from the Akrill household.

Joy to the World

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