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Joy to the world and all that jazz………….


As most of you will be aware it was the National AGM of the MM Club at the beginning of the month, this time it moved venues from the normal hotel in Derby to the Mini Plant down in Cowley. The Mini Plant was where the first ever Morris Minor rolled off the production line all those years ago.

It was a very interesting weekend as we were privileged to be given a guided tour of the factory before the meeting. I am afraid to say that there were too many facts and figures to remember (and I am sure facts and figures on paper are just plain boring)! The thing that stands out in my mind is the use of the Robots in certain areas of the plant – these creatures are straight out of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Terminator’! It was fascinating to watch them change their own heads to do specific jobs, although a little scary! There are still plenty of skilled human beings though who build up the cars – things like the dash board installation, lights and interiors. The checking process that goes on at the end of the line before they are driven out is very, very strict indeed, they even wear special clothing to ensure that the cars are not marked in any way by zips, buttons etc.

We also spent a very pleasant afternoon walking around Oxford which is a beautiful city, but it must have more bicycles than Beijing, you couldn’t see the railings because of the thousands of bikes tethered to them!! I always enjoy Inspector Morse on the telly and you could pick out places that they had filmed in. It all seemed quite surreal and I kept expecting Morse and Lewis to come round the corner at any minute!!!!!

The MM Club have raised a grand total of £30,000 for Marie Curie and the check was handed over during the AGM. The Katy car alone raised £7,000!

I spent all afternoon yesterday writing Christmas cards, this is a job I always start with great enthusiasm, then by the end it has always dwindled away to say the least…………I can’t believe how much it has cost to post them all, twice as much as the cards cost!!! The trees are up and decorated; now I just need to do some shopping! We are having company for the holidays this year, Chris’s Dad is coming for a few days and also my Mike and his little Jack Russell Sam, so quite the family Christmas……….Also the proverbial turkey is invited as well, so there is no escape this year with three meat eaters plus the hounds in the house I am well and truly outvoted on the vegetarian issue!!

I still have problems with getting Chris into the spirit of Christmas until the last minute on Christmas Eve, mind you he must be mellowing a little this year though as he has put himself a light up ‘BAH HUMBUG’ sign on the front grass!!!!

Chris, Pebbles and I are going to the Barnsley Christmas Party again on Friday but stopping over this year with Chris and Keith Haigh – which is good for my Chris as he can’t have a drink when we have gone other years as it is normally held on a work night and we come home afterwards.

Tonight we are welcoming the Marie Curie team to present them with our cheque from all our fundraising efforts and to draw the raffle for Norman’s lovely drawing of an MM saloon. I shall miss it as it has been in my kitchen now for several months – I hope whoever wins it will get as much pleasure from looking at it as I have while being its custodian.

Tim for one as you will see by the picture has got himself into the Christmas spirit with his new pal Father Christmas doing some more fund raising for Marie Curie with his blue Tourer. Brrrrr good job there was no snow that day!

Don’t forget that the January meeting is our own branch AGM so it would be nice to get as many of you there as possible

So from Chris, Pebbles and I have a truly magical time this Christmas, hopefully peaceful and stress free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx,

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