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Sue’s Scribbles December 2011

Hi Guys

Sorry that we all missed the last meeting in November and I hope everyone is fit and well again, the more of you I rung the more of you were under the weather!!!

Well, Yo Ho Ho and all that jazz! Christmas is nearly here, hasn’t the year flown! I still seem to be playing catch up with my Scribbles so yet again I have rolled two into one!!!

Towards the end of October we took an eleventh hour decision to go up to Co. Durham to see Sue and Dave Cook for the weekend, we have been threatening to go for the whole year but because of MM commitments never seemed to have had the time spare! We just managed to book into a camp site about 5 miles from their house, I say ‘just managed’ as we didn’t realise that it was the start of the school holidays – things like that tend to escape you when you have no kids of your own! The scenery in their part of the world when the weather is good is very beautiful especially with all the changing colours of Autumn and this weekend was mostly glorious. Once they knew we were going to see them Sue had managed to get us some tickets to the big Continental Market in Durham on the Saturday. Durham is a city steeped in history and ofcourse it has a very large University population which ensures that the town is always buzzing with life. The centre was packed and so was the market with people taking advantage of the wonderful food and drink on offer. After sampling a wide variety of the very tasty food stuffs and beverages ourselves (yes I admit some of them were alcoholic) we decided to go round the Cathedral. Durham Cathedral is open every day and there is always a singing/music session going on which anyone can just drop in and take part in. The building itself is so warm and  alive it seems to welcome you in with open arms – strange really for such a large church which had it’s origins back in the first centaury. I have always had a fascination for reading gravestones – and here the ornate tombs of the local gentry housed in the Cathedral date back as early as the 1300’s, these tombs are mostly set in the floor so have had hundreds of thousands of feet walk over them – amazing. We also spent a day at the seaside which Lotti and Charli thoroughly enjoyed as not only did they get a run on the beach but were allowed into the Fish & Chip restaurant where we had lunch, so they felt really spoilt . We just had a really nice weekend just chilling out, and I know I always go on about North East hospitality but they are great people.

At the very end of October, All Hallows Eve to be precise Chris and I got all dressed up, DJs and posh frocks and along with Chris, Keith, Rosie and Sandy Hamilton and Ray Newell and his wife Sue went to a wedding in Nottingham – well it was a Hand Fasting between two of our friends from the MadMogs branch Peter and Jonathan. A Hand Fasting is a medieval ‘wedding’ ceremony which dates back to Druid times this was the sort of ceremony that was undertaken by all who wanted to join together as a couple. It wasn’t until the 1750s it became law that weddings had to be solemnised in Church. The room was decorated in true Halloween style that the boys had done themselves, it was like walking into an amazing grotto of orange and black, with the subdued lighting and the decorations it made it quite a magically mystical place to be.

The ceremony was conducted by a Druid High Priest with two Druid Priestesses, along with the grooms they all stood in a circle of ivy, broomsticks and candles, the priest then called on all the elements of nature to witness the event as he bound their hands together and placed crowns of fruit and flowers on their heads. At the end of it they jumped over the broomsticks and were officially joined. The expression living over the brush came from this ceremony. It was a fascinating and moving experience.

November as every year Chris and I helped man the Morris Minor stand at the NEC along with Chris, Keith, Malcolm and Dorothy Bainbridge and the owners of the cars that were on display there. I am sure you all know that Keith is the official co-ordinator and designer for our MM stand and this year he pulled out a corker! Ofcourse it fell on 11/11/11 so the theme of the show was linked to Armistice Day. Keith had designed our plot to resemble a market square with a market stall complete with a snazzy green and white striped awning being the regalia outlet, an old fashioned coffee shop, parking bays for the display cars, traffic lights and various road signs, but the real show stopper and a  last minute stroke of genius was a war memorial complete with poppy wreaths, leaves (reconnoitred from the above ceremony) and a broom stick. The two minutes silence was observed on both the Friday and Sunday and our memorial attracted not only other stands to gather round it but also a lot of the general public, it was so realistic and very moving, especially for one of the official photographers who was quite overcome with emotion. I suppose today with all the trouble going on in the world our boys in the services are never far from any of our thoughts. We collected all weekend for the Poppy Appeal and raised a staggering £409.00 which was amazing as ofcourse there were a lot of other people selling poppies, which just goes to show the heart felt feeling for our troops past and present. We narrowly missed out winning the best stand and came in as runners up, this year it was won by the Midlands Military Vehicles Trust who had recreated a war torn street in Europe from the 40’s, our stand was highly commended and to be honest it was a real shame that we couldn’t have shared joint first…………

The following weekend we had a house full, ten of us celebrated an early Christmas where we literally did the whole bit including the all the decorations, food, wine, silly party games even Santa and his helpers. We had a ball from the Friday to the Monday, I don’t suppose the real thing will live up to it at all, but New Year there will be twelve of us and we are going to do it all over again!!!!

Our January meal is booked and you should all have a copy of the menu, if not let me know. Next meeting is Party night at Wansford so hopefully see you there.

 Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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