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Sue’s Scribbles December 2010

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned in the last Scribbles Chris and I again joined the MMOC team for our stand at the Classic Car Show at the Birmingham NEC. This is a brilliant weekend, very rewarding but also really tiring – I don’t know what the floor is made of there but it really plays havoc with the legs and feet after a while!

We had a massive number of visitors to the stand which was dedicated to the Minor Million, the whole show was geared up with a ‘Records Theme’ and ofcourse the Morris Minor celebrated the production of it’s million cars record by producing the now famous Lilac version, The Minor Million, we had four really good examples out of the forty that are on register with the MMOC, although I gather that it was quite a difficult task for Keith Haigh (the official MMOC NEC Stand Coordinator) to group even this amount together. The other car on the stand was Mike Deans Traveller and Teardrop Caravan for his record of attending 50 Rallies in the year in aid of the Leuka Charity. We managed to raise another few pounds by doing a ‘guess the balloons’ in the Tear Drop – I had the privilege (or not) of being thrown in to burst them all on the Sunday afternoon!!!

Although our stand was short listed we didn’t get an award this year, but still we can’t be greedy as we have won several different ones over the past few years. The Best Themed Stand went to the Ford Capri Owners Club – their stand was based on the works of John Lennon, Bon Jovi and the Sex Pistols to name a few. Rather lateral thinking but interesting……

There were some really fabulous examples of all sorts of makes and models displayed. I particularly have a great yen for the American Pick Ups of the 40’s and 50’s the Dodges and Chevrolets…….

It was nice to see Norman and Jean who had come down to the show by coach and at least Norman thoroughly enjoyed it (not too sure about Jean)……


The best laid plans of mice and men, so the saying goes – which ofcourse has to allow for the odd act of God and we certainly have had that over the last couple of weeks in the form of all the snow storms and icy blasts……..we even had a crashing thunderstorm one morning about 7.30am while it was a raging white out with snow!

After being asked to take part in the Bay Filey’s Christmas Festival the weather defeated us by being just a bit too seasonal!! By the Friday afternoon most of the stall holders had cancelled. Shame as it would have been really authentic with all the snow, what a way to get in the mood for the coming festivities……..

Hey Ho better to be safe than sorry.

Talking of being sorry, I became a casualty of the snow one night whilst out with Lotti and Charli. I slipped and fell backwards cracking my head open in the process. Big gash, lots of blood and we couldn’t get out to an A&E because of the weather! I have a nice 2” scar but luckily it is all healing nicely………

We went over to the Barnsley Branch Christmas party last Thursday night. Always very enjoyable with food, games and the odd pantomime thrown in, this year we were even treated to some live musical entertainment – great stuff!

Our Monday meeting on the 13th December was as you know was going to be a Winter BBQ but as the weather is not to be trusted will now be a Buffet Party inside (much warmer and also cleaner on the carpets)!! 6.30pm start at The Grange, just bring your own booze. Take care and see you then.


 Sue, Lotti & charli XX

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