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The 6th September Bar to Bar Rally.

Bridlington & Wolds Branch are honoured to be asked as consultants and be involved into making this new event into hopefully an annual one and something special in the Morris Minor/Classic calendar.

We are meeting in Beverley Market Place 9am to 9.30pm. There will be a police cordoned area for our use. We will be parked up for around an hour so that we can be admired by the general public to then move off around 10am in convoy through the North Bar Without (TV & Press) to the Bay Filey where we will travel through a full size replica of the North Bar Without (again TV & Press) we will then park along the Bay Parade. On arrival we will be invited to The John Paul Jones Inn for hot buffet sandwiches and drinks. Then we are welcome to tour the site and have a look in the beautiful new Holiday Lodges. There is the beach just a few hundred yards away if you fancy a paddle (weather permitting) and ofcourse if you feel peckish later on The John Paul Jones serves excellent food. We are invited to stay for the day if that’s what you would like do. If you are interested in joining us with your Morris Minor or other Classic we need to know ASAP as space is now getting really limited for this inaugural event

To confirm your place Please Tel: 07708 054994 or 01377 240096 for further details.


Burton Fleming August 2009

Bar to Bar Run


SUE’S SCRIBBLES -August 2009

Hi Guys,

I am writing this late in fact very late! Poor Chris tears his hair out because as soon as I have written it I expect it posted on the web site complete with photos! As he always tells me ‘DARL IT IS NOT A 5 MINUTE JOB’!! My only excuse is that work really seemed to get in the way this month.

Although as the new Area 1 Liaison Officer I really felt that to give my commitment to the MMOC in the extra role I had willingly volunteered to take on I needed to see how all the other Branches in our Area do their ‘stuff’. As I mentioned in my last Scribbles Chris, Pebbles and I visited the Lancashire Branch Rally at Leighton Hall and had a really great day with Steve Rose and  all his members, to name but a few……….Beryl, Andrew, Barbra and Russell. Also all the others, like I said before we would never had a War of the Roses if the Moggy had been around!  Well this month we went ‘across’ the other side again for the North East Lancashire Branch Rally at Townley Hall. I’m sure you all met Greta and her pal Mary who came for the weekend to our own Brid and Wolds Rally, Greta bless her heart did a fair while on our Tombola Stall!!!

Any way we had a really fab day, we took the Pick Up and Mike took his Rover. We joined up with Chris and Keith Haigh at Heartshead Moor Services and travelled in convoy. At a roundabout in Burnley Mike suddenly wasn’t following any more and a quick phone call confirmed that he had broken down! We all stopped and Chris and I went back to see what the problem was, We managed to tow him off the roundabout and it started firing up, it was put to down fuel evaporation. We travelled on a couple more miles and Mike went missing again! We told Chris and Keith to go on as Townley was just down the hill. No pushing would do it (thanks to members of the Capri Club who lent a hand) so Chris took me and the girls (Pebbles and Lotti) down to the Rally. Dave Cook who’s car is a mini version of Halford’s zoomed back and soon got the problem sorted…..

We had a lovely day with the NE Lancs Branch (believe me they have a lot of jokers in their pack)!!!!!

The other date coming up soon for your diary is the 31st August Burton Fleming Scare Crow Festival 10am please bring the Classic what ever you want to drive on the day, also – if you feel artistic and want to bring a ‘stuffed’ friend of any kind please do (scare crow of your choice) 10am at Burton Fleming onwards. Lots of individual stalls, refreshments – tea, coffee and home made goodies available (didn’t we all indulge in these last year)!!

Sorry again for this is being posted a little late, but hope you enjoy the read!

Take care

Sue, Pebbles & Lotti x

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