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Chairman's Notes  - August 2007

Hi, not really a Chairmans chat this month but more a ramble of what has been going on.......

Two events that our club took part in this month - one being Herrington North East Rally that was cancelled, to see our alternative destination and weekend please click here

Revesby also unfortunately had to be cancelled. Although I gather that it has been re-schedualed for September. 

And ofcourse our own Rally which also nearly got the chop! But with a little bit of jiggling and all hands on deck we managed to sail through..........

Sewerby Rally CANCELED   -   The Rally at "The Grange" Wansford, Driffield

Whilst all those around us where cancelling theirs, our Rally managed to re-locate……thankfully…

As you all know the weather lately has been absolutely foul and there have been so many events cancelled big and small, this is tragic when you think how much work people put in and the organisation that goes into these yearly events.

The weekend before our Rally we decided that our Branch needed to have a look at the state of the camping area and show ground at Sewerby Hall. (Sewerby had just cancelled a major charity event because of the state of the gardens through water logging)

The ground was quite soggy – camping might have proved difficult – but we were prepared to hang on for a decision for a couple of days – when it got to Wednesday and the toilets were due to arrive on Thursday we thought it only fair to cut and run………

Luckily we had a dry field at The Grange that would accommodate the campers and the loos, and a barn that would keep us all dry if the rains came and if we could get it cleared in time……….the next major effort was to relocate all the pre-booked campers, Sunday Rally entrants and ofcourse the loos………between us, Steve our Events Sec and I dashed off letters and e-mails – the phones were also ‘red hot’, we all had fingers crossed that no one had been forgotten…….

Meanwhile, Paul, Graham and Chris armed with pick-axes, wheelbarrows, shovels and brushes attacked the barn – moved gravel to fill in any holes and clear soak a ways while Sheena and I kept them lubricated the with tea, coffee etc. moved rubbish out of the way swept up and ofcourse had the odd glass of wine ourselves……..this activity went on frantically for two nights.


Clean Up at The Grange

WATCH OUT For That Hole  Graham!!!!!!!

The toilets arrived on queue on Thursday lunch time – ready for the campers on Friday.

Paul and Sheena brought their caravan on Thursday night. We put up their awning ready for the following day – it was blowing a howling gale and then it started to rain – had we done the right thing?

Friday dawned bright and sunny, were we going to be lucky? Campers rolled in all day until we had four trailer tents, two caravans and five tents.

The Barn Party

The barn was planned as the hospitality tent, with all the tables and chairs we could find and borrow, a real charcoal BBQ barrel, stereo, chimanea and long banquet table

Around five o’clock ish the real fun of the weekend started…………..

We had a party with a Bring and Burn BBQ running for all who came, the wine and beer flowed and the music played, there was dancing and an awful lot of laughter, Steve treated us to some fantastic ‘break dancing’ this being done on a concrete floor would have been quite painful if it hadn’t been for the Guinness and cider!  It was long after midnight when the last of us left the Barn – clearing up could wait until tomorrow.

Saturday brought glorious sunshine, and a few hangovers!  

After bacon and egg sandwiches in the kitchen everyone decided on what to do for the day, some went for a ride into Bridlington and others just went generally exploring the lovely countryside we have round us. For me Paul and the other odd unlucky ones it was the big clean up operation ready for the Saturday night festivities. We did manage a good couple of hours lazing in the sunshine however. We had a couple more campers arrive and got them settled, sorted and pointed in the direction of Driffield to Tesco for supplies.

Chris Haig had organised us a Boules Tournament to take place before the BBQ, she had also managed to provide a super little trophy for the winner – I am pleased to say that after a bit of banter about not playing golf or other games every one on the campsite took part – even the youngsters, we played in pairs and I must admit it got quite competitive!

Mike from North Lincs had brought his Granddaughters Kelly and Bethane with him and they won hands down and thrashed the lot of us………………well done girls. I now think that this tournament (by popular demand) will be a yearly event at the Wolds Rally.

The night got into full swing more dancing, I have come to the conclusion that after repeated attempts by half the MMOC to teach me to ‘shoulder bop’ I obviously just have not got one ounce of rhythm as I still haven’t mastered it!!!!!!


The chimanea got such a good stoking that a crack has appeared but we were nice and warm! Most wandered or wobbled off to bed around one – the ones of us who knew we had work to do the next day were a little more circumspect………….


NOT Central Heating - "Total Heating"

Sunday dawned sunny and warm with a slight breeze – unbelievable!


The kitchen was again doubling up as the breakfast bar. The first Minor to arrive was at 8 o’clock! John and Shirley came in and joined the bacon buttie fest……… after everyone was fuelled up it was off to all our respective posts to wait for more Minors to arrive – which they did at around 9am.

I can honestly say we have never had cars going so slowly past our house, they were all intrigued by the signs that went right back to the Driffield roundabout and all the MMs turning in………..

Altogether we had thirty two MMs four alternative class and one motor bike………..

Not bad for a very swift relocation.

We also did well for visitors too, one couple who had called on the Friday night came back with an engine a wing and various bits of Minor tackle – Maurice quickly snapped up the engine and wing for a song so he was quite happy. We had cyclists come in and have a browse along with some general cars that were passing.

People either chilled out behind their Minor picnicking in the lovely sunshine or joined us for the on going BBQ in the Barn.

Kev and Richard again were our live entertainment along with Graham their new drummer in the form of Rumble – they were great as usual if not better!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day with us – it wrapped up around sixish with the sun still shining. We did have a very small party on the Sunday night with some of our Branch and Lou and Charlie from Derby and Sue and Dave Cook who had decided to stay over till the Monday before moving on to Sand and Rosies, but by this time I was absolutely whacked………..but I can honestly say that it was a great weekend. I have received some super e-mails from people who came so it really was all worth while.

I would like to thank all our members who helped make it happen as there would have been no Rally without there help


Trophy Winners

MM/ Series 2 KPN 303 Richard Hall.
2 door MCM 431G John and Shirley Burrows.
4 door DPT 514G Paul and Sheena Botterill.
Traveller 825 UXH Jerry Tapsell.
Convertible MWD 410E Malcolm and Cathryn Howard.
L.C.V MNT 205F Brian Newsome.
Custom PJB 578F Billy Nicholson.
Open class S6 CBE  (TVR) Guy Oldfield.
The Grange 825 UXH Jerry Tapsell
The Amy Johnson Trophy this year was changed to The Grange Trophy – this category was kindly chosen by Graham – drummer for The Rumble


The Rumble in the Barn

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