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Sue’s Scribbles April 2011

Hi Guys,

April already and the days are flying by! It’s obviously true about the older you get the
quicker time goes…

Chris and I have both had a viral infection for the past 3 weeks, I gave in and consulted the doctor after 2 weeks of coughing and spluttering so have been on antibiotics for the past week but it still hasn’t cleared up properly, must be a really mean bug!

Since my last ‘scribbles’ we went over to Chris and Keith’s at Tankersley and helped clear the remainder of their fire damaged garage, the really good news is that they have found  a lovely new Clipper Blue Convertible!

Also we went to the Open Day at the MMOC Head Quarters in Derby on the 27th of last month to have a look at all the re vamping that has been going on and I must say it is a considerable improvement to how it was. They were expecting around 75 people going to have a look but ended up with 250 to 300 folks passing through!! They came from all over the country, and many even turned up in their Minors. Although we took the easier option and went in the Navara with Lottie and Charli. The day started off a bit grim on the weather front and all the bacon buttys had run out at 10.30am (didn’t start till 10am) which just shows the enthusiasm!  But the sun came out around mid day and it was really quite warm which was a good thing as most people spent the day milling around the front of the unit as there was very little room inside because there were stands set out with spares new and old all going at very reasonable prices for those who wanted to ‘bag a bargain’. Richard Lee did a ‘mock’ concours judging this was to inform members of what concours is all about, which attracted a good audience, with members going away with an informative idea of their cars and what is necessary to enter this class.

On our front we now have 2 members with broken bones, Jean M and Sue C, let’s hope there isn’t a third!!!

It was nice to welcome Linda and Pete to the last meeting from Burton Fleming, I’m sure that we all have spoken to Linda in the past at their annual Scare Crow Festival and it just goes to show the pull of wanting to own one of these wonderful little cars! So wherever we display there is another potential owner out there…….

Hopefully see you all at the meeting.

 Sue, Lotti & Charli XX

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